Friday, December 7, 2012

Carrying Logs and Deer on his Back, meet David Moraska

I can only imagine what people must have thought as they came up on this strange sight. To see a guy riding down the right lane of M95 in Iron Mountain, Michigan heading south towards Wisconsin with a full grown deer on his shoulders. This isn't a fawn or even a small deer. This is a big doe with its tongue sticking out as if she was getting her last taste of fresh air.

Many Michigan hunters display their trophies no matter how big or small they are. Many put them on the back of their trucks, some put them on top of their cars. Sometimes you might even see one carry their score with a 4 wheeler or maybe even on a snowmobile. But have you ever seen someone use a bike?

His name is David Moraska and he does this once a year right around this time. He is 58 years old and built like an ox, he should be considering he just went 2 miles down the road on his single speed bike to a butcher located in a garage in Kingsford, Michigan. Here you can see him as he passes a coffee shop, then past Grede Foundry before making his turn back west.

Many in this small town have seen David before, they just don't recognize him with this deer on his back. While still on this subject, let me say this deer is the real deal. He killed it with his rifle, it is not roadkill as some has suggested. He let this deer sit in his garage for a few days to stiffen up, not from rigor but from the very cold air upper Michigan winters provide.

I moved here in early 1999 not knowing what to expect, my first winter here was a fast learning experience. Cold winter nights and much snow all around, this is truly the deep north. Living in Memphis, TN for 6 yrs before, this was a change I wouldn't soon forget. My cousin had always told me about this guy who walked around town carrying a log. He said it was a huge one too, sometimes he saw a chain wrapped around it. For a few years I thought he was pulling my leg, I had never saw him before. Until that day..

When I first saw it, I couldn't believe my eyes. This was before I carried a camera with me, heck this was before I wanted too. This was the first time I wished I had one. This guy was walking at a slow pace down the sidewalk with this huge log over his shoulders. He was strapped to it as if he was being crucified. It was truly a crazy thing to see. Many told me at the time he did it for religious purposes, it seemed like an excuse I could live with at the time, it was the only thing I heard people say. After that I saw him a few more times over the next few years, this was around 2004 I think.

In 2009 I really started getting into recording and editing videos, I started carrying a camera on me at all times as much as I could, never knowing what I might catch on camera. All I can remember is the one day I left the house without the camera. I only ran to the local gas station and noticed he was near my house carrying his log. I ran home and grabbed the camera to see if I could film him. My problem was I couldn't find him, where could he have gone too carrying a huge log? After this day I kept that camera on me no matter when or where I went, I wasn't going to miss him again. Right in front of my house it happened..

He told me this is his "cool down and pump" which I guess is something he works out with. Sure didn't sound religious to me, more about that later. He says he does this all year long, more so in the winter. This is a transformer pole that he sometimes wraps in chains which weigh 150# by itself. I asked him how much this pole weighed and he said as much as any other pole this size. I noticed he had a special bracket the log fit onto as he carried it around town. After this I got to know David a little more, our friendship began. Wanna see the chains he carries? Check out this video with music behind it..

In February, 2012 David got a hold of me to let me know he was planning on a night adventure. He asked me to meet him on top of Pine Mountain near the ski jump. I was a little late getting there and he had already walked down the hill. He saw me and turned around, going back up to the top.  You can't change the mind of a guy carrying a log, trust me.. This night time video, David opened up a little more about why he does this. He is beginning to trust me, knowing I want to show others this amazing guy no one knows about.

So the next time you see someone doing something absolutely crazy, just remember it is only crazy if you haven't or can't do it yourself. Instead of guessing or assuming why someone does something differently than you or I, go ask them questions.. You never know what you might learn about someone you just met.

Jason Asselin,
Iron Mountain, Michigan

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hand Warmers Needed for our Troops

The Eric Palmisano Care Package Project of Spread Eagle, Wisconsin had a small ad in Woman's World Magazine on November 12, 2012. They are collecting hand warmers for our troops to include in care packages they are sending. To date they have sent over 2,000 packages since beginning this Organization. In the last few weeks, they have collected over 400# of hand warmers for the troops from people all over the country. Learn more here:

During a Christmas Party for the families of a local Kingsford, Michigan National Guard Unit who are currently in Afghanistan, families had a chance to pack care packages for their loved ones that included FREE shipping to their loved ones. See this video where they talk about the mission for Hand Warmers.

Got Hand Warmers that you can donate to our troops? Please SHARE this mission to help our soldiers stay warm while protecting out great country. Even sending one will help someone. Thanks You!!

Please send them to:
Bobbie Samme
4588 Carpenter Road
Florence WI 54121

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Help Pack Heat for the Troops (Video)

Hand Warmers for the Troops.. Help a Hero - Featuring the Palmisano Care Package Project of Spread Eagle, Wisconsin in Woman's World Magazine, November 12, 2012.

During a Christmas Party for the families of a local Michigan National Guard Unit in Afghanistan, they had a chance to pack care packages that included FREE shipping to their loved ones. Included in these care packages were hand warmers that people have been donating from all over the USA.

People often asked about WHY Hand Warmers in Afghanistan? Many don't realize that they do get snow in the mountains and it actually does get cold. Can you help?

Got Hand Warmers?

Send them to:
Bobbie Samme
4588 Carpenter Road
Florence WI 54121

Upper Michigan Yooper Carries Deer on Bike to the Butcher (Raw Video)

Only in Upper Michigan will you see a man with a DEER riding his pedal bike to the butcher. Many people may have seen the pictures posted over the years of a man riding his bicycle with a deer over his shoulders, but never knew the whole story.. Most people would never believe a story of seeing a man on his bike with a deer on his back. Only a few have had the chance to see it. Many people have shared a picture of him doing this same thing last year. Even Jeff Foxworthy has shared David's Deer picture on his facebook page. Hopefully TV stars/shows Tosh.O, David Letterman and Jay Leno will share these soon to be viral videos.

His name is David Moraska and he is 58 years old.. He does this NOT because of a DUI, but instead to simply work out. It was amazing to see the crowd of cars and people trying to see a guy riding his bike with a deer on his back. As far as anyone knows, he has only hauled deer. Maybe in the future we can see him carry a bear or a moose? That may be pushing it..

This 2 mile journey from Iron Mountain, Michigan to Kingsford, Michigan only took David about 20 minutes. If you would like to see his entire journey, watch this..

I am always coming across crazy stuff like this, during the summer time David carries a huge log on his shoulders too, sometimes wrapped in chains. For a man of his age, he is very much in shape...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/11 WTC Steel & Memorial Needs Donations - Hermansville, MI

In April 2009, Bud Marsh of Hermansville, MI started his mission to get pieces of the WTC for the only 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan. On 9/11/12 everything came together, the pieces had arrived. The Michigan Patriot Guard Riders escorted and set up a Flag Line for the dedication ceremony held near US2 near the ball diamonds. This story is about a man who needs our help, I hope he gets it...

Bud Marsh is a 24 year veteran of the Fire Dept and also a 14 year veteran of EMS. It was his idea to get these pieces of steel from the Twin Towers. With his many years as a Fireman and with EMS, he knew what sacrifices these men and woman made that day. He got this idea while reading about the Twin Towers in a magazine called the Journal of Emergency Medical Services that talked about getting pieces of the WTC. He decided this is what he wanted to do. He told me it took 3 years for this to happen, it wasn't an easy task.

CNN even featured the iReport I uploaded, they even used it on the air.. Please check it out right here: 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan gets 2 WTC pieces Since he worked on the fire department and was also with EMS, the township liked his idea for a 9/11 Memorial and donated the property to put it on. Right now there is a Flag Pole there that was also donated.
He also had to get a 501 c3 status just to be eligible to get these pieces of the towers. He took all steps and at last he has done it. Not only is this the first World Trade Center Steel in the UP of MI, this is the only 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan. The actual building hasn't been built as of yet. He told me that until a building is put up, this steel will never be left outside. He has plans for a state of the art Memorial/Museum that will have a collection of newspapers from across the world the day after 9/11 happened. He mentioned other people collecting various items for this project. He said he'd also like to add screens that could display the names of those lost. Not only from 9/11 itself but also the emergency personal who are still losing their lives from cancer or other illnesses surrounding the clean-up effort.
They are hoping donations and fundraising will make an impact this year. Currently they have many different items you can buy with proceeds going towards this Memorial. To make a difference, and help him complete this 9/11 Memorial, please visit:

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indians are Thieves, Felons & Tax Evaders!

These were the comments made by Krist Oil Company Vice President Krist Atanasoff, who helps run over 65 Convenience Stores in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Krist made these comments during a phone interview with "The Mining Journal" on June 14, 2012. Krist Oil President Stan Atanasoff and Vice President Krist Atanasoff told the Mining Journal that the newspapers have been pulled because of "The Mining Journal's support of a proposed Marquette Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station".
"We're not going to do business with your company anymore because all you can say is bad things about us," Krist Atanasoff was heard saying during an earlier phone call for comment from The Mining Journal.
"You're supporting these Indians. They're thieves, they're convicted felons and they're tax evaders."

While (Krist Oil) Citgo gas stations aren't the only ones pulling the Mining Journal off their shelves, they were the only ones that had an vice president of their company publicly use racism against these Native Americans. Many gas station owners are on edge because of a proposed Marquette, Michigan Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station. They fear they will lose money from this new station offering cheaper gas prices than they are getting now. Many area residents are happy to finally see "Free Enterprise" working towards their advantage. Many American residents are feeling the pinch from high gas prices and it seems as if Marquette, MI has some of the highest around compared to other local cities.

The choice of words used by this company vice president may haunt him forever. Upper Michigan has many tribal communities and reservations, with many more members living their own lives. When Krist made the statement he did, he used plurals as if he was talking about ALL native Americans. He said they were "Thieves, Felons and Tax Evaders". The day after these comments were made, Krist claimed these comments were directed towards a Mr. Fred Dakota. Krist says he was talking about Fred when he made those comments. The only problem is, the Mining Journal claims Krist said "these indians.." followed with "They're thieves, felons and tax evaders"..

I sent an email to Krist Atanasoff asking him "I'd like to get a response from you about your comments made to the mining journal. Why did you say the things you did? Are you really against Native Americans?"
His reply was- "No not at all,,,,,,,,the Mining Journal put the spin on what was said,,, my comments were directed to Fred Dakota,, his criminal record says it all......... Krist"

Many questions are left without answers in Upper Michigan, but I have a feeling the people will answer them.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are Bath Salt Videos Going Viral?

Almost 100,000 hits have been added to my neighbors on Bath Salts (video) that I placed on YouTube 6 months ago. (Above) It seems that after the guy in Florida ate another mans face off, the searches for "Bath Salts" have gone crazy on YouTube. Why people would want to take a drug that makes them see things that aren't there, is beyond me. What type of person would want to experience that? Are these people insane? Are these bathsalts drawing out the Zombies in this world we live in? Some crazy shit is happening, this is for sure. Check out this video (below) showing this guy totally tripping out.. He can't even talk to the police officer. He is in his very own world..
The guy in the following (below) video has got to be out of his mind or he is on BATHSALTS.. Yes, these drugs are really this bad. This guy tried hiding under a bridge by sitting on pipes and cables under this high bridge. He seems like he is searching for another fix as he fumbles about.. Bath Salts are Bad! Get It?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Would you give a 2nd grader 3-4 cups of coffee?

Is it normal for businesses to sell these types of drinks to children of ALL ages? Is it time for parents to wake up? After learning that a local business sold these types of drinks to my young child, I became upset. At first at the business because they have children too and I can't imagine they allowed them to drink these power drinks. Then I became angry that these drinks aren't even regulated. Can you imagine sharing your next pot of coffee with your 8 yr old, these drinks are equivalent to the same amount of caffeine as 3-4 cups of coffee.. See the last posting from my blog>

As a parent this alarms me, we teach our children what we believe to be right. Then a business feels they can offer children items that were meant for adults. Any business.. It's hard to believe these drinks have yet to be regulated, to keep them out of the hands of our young children. Letting them drink soft-drinks is one thing, but giving them large doses of caffeine is another.
"Energy drinks are under-studied, overused and can be dangerous for children and teens, warns a report by doctors who say kids shouldn't use the popular products.
The potential harms, caused mostly by too much caffeine or similar ingredients, include heart palpitations, seizures, strokes and even sudden death, the authors write in the medical journal Pediatrics."

We shouldn't penalize any business for selling a legal product, however these businesses need to respect parents and especially school sponsored trips. Giving these drinks to children is a dangerous thing, they dehydrate adults pretty easily so I can only imagine what happens with children. I hope people pay more attention to what businesses allow to be sold to our kids.

Monster Energy Drinks Sold to 2nd Graders during a school field trip?

When we send our children to school, we know they will be taken care of mentally, physically and nutritionally. Sometimes things happen though that not even the school can control. This is exactly what took place on Thursday, May 31st in Upper Michigan.

Both my sons attend Woodland Elementary School in Kingsford, Michigan. My youngest boy who is 8 went on a "End of the Year" school trip to the local roller skate rink. They were offering free skating, laser tag and a movie for the children. It seems this wasn't the only thing they were offering our children... My son told me about how they had the option to purchase Monster Energy Drinks, they were being sold in 2 different sizes. They were both skinny cans, one bigger than the other. The largest was $4 and the smaller one was $3. My son tells me some of the kids bought more than one drink, then went to see the movie.

It is unknown exactly how many kids got these drinks that would NEVER be sold or given out at school. It seems this local skating rink took it upon themselves to sell these drinks to small children, they may as well given them cups of coffee... After the movie concluded at Skate Blvd in Kingsford, MI - The teachers discovered what had happened. One of the students bragged to a teacher about "getting to drink something she wasn't allowed to have a home". It was said the teachers flipped out on the business.

It was also heard the school is requesting an apology from the business for what they did, including this business paying for ALL expenses during this outing. I hold no blame on this school as they did exactly what they should have. Because my kids don't always bring home the papers the school sends, I don't know IF they sent a letter home to us or not. I'm sure many of these parents still don't have a clue about what happened, unless a letter was sent home.

All through out the news, we read about the dangers of energy drinks and children. Most of these articles are talking about teenagers and young adults, not too many involve 8 year old children as this case does. I am very disappointed with this business, they had NO RIGHT to serve these types of drinks to our children without our permission! These drinks give you more pep than coffee does for some people. I would NEVER allow my own children to buy or drink these Monster Energy Drinks, how dare this business bypass my ability to raise my children as I see fit.

The following was posted in this story> " With caffeine three or four times that of coffee or soda, energy drinks can be dangerous, especially for kids. “It basically is a drug the way it works on the body,” stated Regina Smith of Bent Creek Internal Medicine. Smith is a doctor at Bent Creek Internal Medicine. She says energy drinks work by using massive amounts of caffeine to trick your body into releasing adrenaline. She said the drinks, which have no nutritional value, can cause side effects, especially with the heart. For some kids the affects can be minimal, but for others it can be dangerous and lead to irregular heart beat, palpitations and anxiety. She says parents needs to be aware and consider not letting their kids drink them, at all."


Truth is knowledge, stories like this and many others are why we must regulate the sale of this product. I believe the right age could be 16 or whatever be decided, either way it is far better than more 8 year old's getting it behind their parents back. Even over the counter medicines are regulated that contain caffeine, yet these type drinks aren't? 

What happened to my son and his entire class is a good enough reason for me to regulate, how about you? What do you think about this subject? Do you allow your children to drink these energy drinks? Please do comment..