Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indians are Thieves, Felons & Tax Evaders!

These were the comments made by Krist Oil Company Vice President Krist Atanasoff, who helps run over 65 Convenience Stores in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Krist made these comments during a phone interview with "The Mining Journal" on June 14, 2012. Krist Oil President Stan Atanasoff and Vice President Krist Atanasoff told the Mining Journal that the newspapers have been pulled because of "The Mining Journal's support of a proposed Marquette Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station".
"We're not going to do business with your company anymore because all you can say is bad things about us," Krist Atanasoff was heard saying during an earlier phone call for comment from The Mining Journal.
"You're supporting these Indians. They're thieves, they're convicted felons and they're tax evaders."

While (Krist Oil) Citgo gas stations aren't the only ones pulling the Mining Journal off their shelves, they were the only ones that had an vice president of their company publicly use racism against these Native Americans. Many gas station owners are on edge because of a proposed Marquette, Michigan Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station. They fear they will lose money from this new station offering cheaper gas prices than they are getting now. Many area residents are happy to finally see "Free Enterprise" working towards their advantage. Many American residents are feeling the pinch from high gas prices and it seems as if Marquette, MI has some of the highest around compared to other local cities.

The choice of words used by this company vice president may haunt him forever. Upper Michigan has many tribal communities and reservations, with many more members living their own lives. When Krist made the statement he did, he used plurals as if he was talking about ALL native Americans. He said they were "Thieves, Felons and Tax Evaders". The day after these comments were made, Krist claimed these comments were directed towards a Mr. Fred Dakota. Krist says he was talking about Fred when he made those comments. The only problem is, the Mining Journal claims Krist said "these indians.." followed with "They're thieves, felons and tax evaders"..

I sent an email to Krist Atanasoff asking him "I'd like to get a response from you about your comments made to the mining journal. Why did you say the things you did? Are you really against Native Americans?"
His reply was- "No not at all,,,,,,,,the Mining Journal put the spin on what was said,,, my comments were directed to Fred Dakota,, his criminal record says it all......... Krist"

Many questions are left without answers in Upper Michigan, but I have a feeling the people will answer them.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are Bath Salt Videos Going Viral?

Almost 100,000 hits have been added to my neighbors on Bath Salts (video) that I placed on YouTube 6 months ago. (Above) It seems that after the guy in Florida ate another mans face off, the searches for "Bath Salts" have gone crazy on YouTube. Why people would want to take a drug that makes them see things that aren't there, is beyond me. What type of person would want to experience that? Are these people insane? Are these bathsalts drawing out the Zombies in this world we live in? Some crazy shit is happening, this is for sure. Check out this video (below) showing this guy totally tripping out.. He can't even talk to the police officer. He is in his very own world..
The guy in the following (below) video has got to be out of his mind or he is on BATHSALTS.. Yes, these drugs are really this bad. This guy tried hiding under a bridge by sitting on pipes and cables under this high bridge. He seems like he is searching for another fix as he fumbles about.. Bath Salts are Bad! Get It?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Would you give a 2nd grader 3-4 cups of coffee?

Is it normal for businesses to sell these types of drinks to children of ALL ages? Is it time for parents to wake up? After learning that a local business sold these types of drinks to my young child, I became upset. At first at the business because they have children too and I can't imagine they allowed them to drink these power drinks. Then I became angry that these drinks aren't even regulated. Can you imagine sharing your next pot of coffee with your 8 yr old, these drinks are equivalent to the same amount of caffeine as 3-4 cups of coffee.. See the last posting from my blog> http://thehardtruths.blogspot.com/2012/06/monster-energy-drinks-sold-to-children.html

As a parent this alarms me, we teach our children what we believe to be right. Then a business feels they can offer children items that were meant for adults. Any business.. It's hard to believe these drinks have yet to be regulated, to keep them out of the hands of our young children. Letting them drink soft-drinks is one thing, but giving them large doses of caffeine is another.

"Energy drinks are under-studied, overused and can be dangerous for children and teens, warns a report by doctors who say kids shouldn't use the popular products.
The potential harms, caused mostly by too much caffeine or similar ingredients, include heart palpitations, seizures, strokes and even sudden death, the authors write in the medical journal Pediatrics."

We shouldn't penalize any business for selling a legal product, however these businesses need to respect parents and especially school sponsored trips. Giving these drinks to children is a dangerous thing, they dehydrate adults pretty easily so I can only imagine what happens with children. I hope people pay more attention to what businesses allow to be sold to our kids.

Monster Energy Drinks Sold to 2nd Graders during a school field trip?

When we send our children to school, we know they will be taken care of mentally, physically and nutritionally. Sometimes things happen though that not even the school can control. This is exactly what took place on Thursday, May 31st in Upper Michigan.

Both my sons attend Woodland Elementary School in Kingsford, Michigan. My youngest boy who is 8 went on a "End of the Year" school trip to the local roller skate rink. They were offering free skating, laser tag and a movie for the children. It seems this wasn't the only thing they were offering our children... My son told me about how they had the option to purchase Monster Energy Drinks, they were being sold in 2 different sizes. They were both skinny cans, one bigger than the other. The largest was $4 and the smaller one was $3. My son tells me some of the kids bought more than one drink, then went to see the movie.

It is unknown exactly how many kids got these drinks that would NEVER be sold or given out at school. It seems this local skating rink took it upon themselves to sell these drinks to small children, they may as well given them cups of coffee... After the movie concluded at Skate Blvd in Kingsford, MI - The teachers discovered what had happened. One of the students bragged to a teacher about "getting to drink something she wasn't allowed to have a home". It was said the teachers flipped out on the business.

It was also heard the school is requesting an apology from the business for what they did, including this business paying for ALL expenses during this outing. I hold no blame on this school as they did exactly what they should have. Because my kids don't always bring home the papers the school sends, I don't know IF they sent a letter home to us or not. I'm sure many of these parents still don't have a clue about what happened, unless a letter was sent home.

All through out the news, we read about the dangers of energy drinks and children. Most of these articles are talking about teenagers and young adults, not too many involve 8 year old children as this case does. I am very disappointed with this business, they had NO RIGHT to serve these types of drinks to our children without our permission! These drinks give you more pep than coffee does for some people. I would NEVER allow my own children to buy or drink these Monster Energy Drinks, how dare this business bypass my ability to raise my children as I see fit.

The following was posted in this story> http://www.whptv.com/news/local/story/Energy-drinks-are-putting-the-health-of-our-kids/6bKNNCM8NkuIlcnLP2JbiQ.cspx " With caffeine three or four times that of coffee or soda, energy drinks can be dangerous, especially for kids. “It basically is a drug the way it works on the body,” stated Regina Smith of Bent Creek Internal Medicine. Smith is a doctor at Bent Creek Internal Medicine. She says energy drinks work by using massive amounts of caffeine to trick your body into releasing adrenaline. She said the drinks, which have no nutritional value, can cause side effects, especially with the heart. For some kids the affects can be minimal, but for others it can be dangerous and lead to irregular heart beat, palpitations and anxiety. She says parents needs to be aware and consider not letting their kids drink them, at all."


Truth is knowledge, stories like this and many others are why we must regulate the sale of this product. I believe the right age could be 16 or whatever be decided, either way it is far better than more 8 year old's getting it behind their parents back. Even over the counter medicines are regulated that contain caffeine, yet these type drinks aren't? 

What happened to my son and his entire class is a good enough reason for me to regulate, how about you? What do you think about this subject? Do you allow your children to drink these energy drinks? Please do comment..