Sunday, June 10, 2012

Are Bath Salt Videos Going Viral?

Almost 100,000 hits have been added to my neighbors on Bath Salts (video) that I placed on YouTube 6 months ago. (Above) It seems that after the guy in Florida ate another mans face off, the searches for "Bath Salts" have gone crazy on YouTube. Why people would want to take a drug that makes them see things that aren't there, is beyond me. What type of person would want to experience that? Are these people insane? Are these bathsalts drawing out the Zombies in this world we live in? Some crazy shit is happening, this is for sure. Check out this video (below) showing this guy totally tripping out.. He can't even talk to the police officer. He is in his very own world..
The guy in the following (below) video has got to be out of his mind or he is on BATHSALTS.. Yes, these drugs are really this bad. This guy tried hiding under a bridge by sitting on pipes and cables under this high bridge. He seems like he is searching for another fix as he fumbles about.. Bath Salts are Bad! Get It?

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