Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Indians are Thieves, Felons & Tax Evaders!

These were the comments made by Krist Oil Company Vice President Krist Atanasoff, who helps run over 65 Convenience Stores in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Krist made these comments during a phone interview with "The Mining Journal" on June 14, 2012. Krist Oil President Stan Atanasoff and Vice President Krist Atanasoff told the Mining Journal that the newspapers have been pulled because of "The Mining Journal's support of a proposed Marquette Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station".
"We're not going to do business with your company anymore because all you can say is bad things about us," Krist Atanasoff was heard saying during an earlier phone call for comment from The Mining Journal.
"You're supporting these Indians. They're thieves, they're convicted felons and they're tax evaders."

While (Krist Oil) Citgo gas stations aren't the only ones pulling the Mining Journal off their shelves, they were the only ones that had an vice president of their company publicly use racism against these Native Americans. Many gas station owners are on edge because of a proposed Marquette, Michigan Keweenaw Bay Indian Community gas station. They fear they will lose money from this new station offering cheaper gas prices than they are getting now. Many area residents are happy to finally see "Free Enterprise" working towards their advantage. Many American residents are feeling the pinch from high gas prices and it seems as if Marquette, MI has some of the highest around compared to other local cities.

The choice of words used by this company vice president may haunt him forever. Upper Michigan has many tribal communities and reservations, with many more members living their own lives. When Krist made the statement he did, he used plurals as if he was talking about ALL native Americans. He said they were "Thieves, Felons and Tax Evaders". The day after these comments were made, Krist claimed these comments were directed towards a Mr. Fred Dakota. Krist says he was talking about Fred when he made those comments. The only problem is, the Mining Journal claims Krist said "these indians.." followed with "They're thieves, felons and tax evaders"..

I sent an email to Krist Atanasoff asking him "I'd like to get a response from you about your comments made to the mining journal. Why did you say the things you did? Are you really against Native Americans?"
His reply was- "No not at all,,,,,,,,the Mining Journal put the spin on what was said,,, my comments were directed to Fred Dakota,, his criminal record says it all......... Krist"

Many questions are left without answers in Upper Michigan, but I have a feeling the people will answer them.


  1. As a resident of the city of Marquette, I'm like most residents here, very supportive of the Native Americans building a gas station here that will charge customers 20 to 30 cents less becuause of the tax exemption status that the Native businesses enjoy. For the 30 years that I have lived here, our gas prices have always been higher than the normal in this state. Krist and other gas providers claim that this is because of transport costs, but there are towns even further away from the distribution center like in Houghton and Calumet, yet their prices are consistently lower than Marquette. It's a common belief here that that's becuase we are the biggest town in the U.P., so we are the ones that get gouged. Yes, Mr. Dakota is a convicted felon, but he served his time and now is back in society and he's been law abiding since his conviction. Please note that I am not Native American, just someone who is struggling like so many others and just want a fair shake.

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  3. I just dont think its fair to any other local family own business that worked hard over the years and built a good relationship with the surrounding communities, having their gas businesses and convenince stores in the area,that worked so hard to earn a buck for many years and its sad to see some on elts come in and take their hard earned business away that they created. Say how would you like it if you worked so hard for many years earning a dollar and then i come in and steal it right out of your hand now you wouldent like that would you? No neither would i. so i speak for many other gas stations in the area, and say that its wrong that Mr Dakoda can come in and rob the business from other companies that worked their ass off trying to support the comunity with their services.

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