Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/11 WTC Steel & Memorial Needs Donations - Hermansville, MI

In April 2009, Bud Marsh of Hermansville, MI started his mission to get pieces of the WTC for the only 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan. On 9/11/12 everything came together, the pieces had arrived. The Michigan Patriot Guard Riders escorted and set up a Flag Line for the dedication ceremony held near US2 near the ball diamonds. This story is about a man who needs our help, I hope he gets it...

Bud Marsh is a 24 year veteran of the Fire Dept and also a 14 year veteran of EMS. It was his idea to get these pieces of steel from the Twin Towers. With his many years as a Fireman and with EMS, he knew what sacrifices these men and woman made that day. He got this idea while reading about the Twin Towers in a magazine called the Journal of Emergency Medical Services that talked about getting pieces of the WTC. He decided this is what he wanted to do. He told me it took 3 years for this to happen, it wasn't an easy task.

CNN even featured the iReport I uploaded, they even used it on the air.. Please check it out right here: 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan gets 2 WTC pieces Since he worked on the fire department and was also with EMS, the township liked his idea for a 9/11 Memorial and donated the property to put it on. Right now there is a Flag Pole there that was also donated.
He also had to get a 501 c3 status just to be eligible to get these pieces of the towers. He took all steps and at last he has done it. Not only is this the first World Trade Center Steel in the UP of MI, this is the only 9/11 Memorial in Upper Michigan. The actual building hasn't been built as of yet. He told me that until a building is put up, this steel will never be left outside. He has plans for a state of the art Memorial/Museum that will have a collection of newspapers from across the world the day after 9/11 happened. He mentioned other people collecting various items for this project. He said he'd also like to add screens that could display the names of those lost. Not only from 9/11 itself but also the emergency personal who are still losing their lives from cancer or other illnesses surrounding the clean-up effort.
They are hoping donations and fundraising will make an impact this year. Currently they have many different items you can buy with proceeds going towards this Memorial. To make a difference, and help him complete this 9/11 Memorial, please visit:

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