Sunday, December 2, 2012

Upper Michigan Yooper Carries Deer on Bike to the Butcher (Raw Video)

Only in Upper Michigan will you see a man with a DEER riding his pedal bike to the butcher. Many people may have seen the pictures posted over the years of a man riding his bicycle with a deer over his shoulders, but never knew the whole story.. Most people would never believe a story of seeing a man on his bike with a deer on his back. Only a few have had the chance to see it. Many people have shared a picture of him doing this same thing last year. Even Jeff Foxworthy has shared David's Deer picture on his facebook page. Hopefully TV stars/shows Tosh.O, David Letterman and Jay Leno will share these soon to be viral videos.

His name is David Moraska and he is 58 years old.. He does this NOT because of a DUI, but instead to simply work out. It was amazing to see the crowd of cars and people trying to see a guy riding his bike with a deer on his back. As far as anyone knows, he has only hauled deer. Maybe in the future we can see him carry a bear or a moose? That may be pushing it..

This 2 mile journey from Iron Mountain, Michigan to Kingsford, Michigan only took David about 20 minutes. If you would like to see his entire journey, watch this..

I am always coming across crazy stuff like this, during the summer time David carries a huge log on his shoulders too, sometimes wrapped in chains. For a man of his age, he is very much in shape...

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