Friday, January 18, 2013

MI Governor Rick Snyder Attacks Native Americans

The KBIC (Keweenaw Bay Indian Community) of Michigan is currently under attack from Governor Rick Snyder's office after they sent a letter to the US Department of the Interior asking them to deny the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community's request that land purchased by them be put into trust. 

Governor Snyder's Office Opposes Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Gas Station 

The land between 41 Lumber and Gander Mountain was purchased by the KBIC Tribe with the intent of putting in a gas station. The plan was to use the tribe's Michigan sales tax exemption to sell gas at a cheaper rate. Marquette Township officials were caught off guard by the letter.

"I guess we find it surprising, coming from a Marquette Township standpoint, because we haven't heard anything from the Governor's office, and so this is the first time we hear about it and certainly, as a township board, we haven't taken a stance one way or another," said Marquette Township Supervisor, Dennis Liimatta.

The letter states, "Taking this land into trust so that the KBIC may unlawfully compete with tax-paying businesses would use the land into trust process as a sword rather than a shield and alter the cordial and cooperative relationship the state now shares with the tribes within its borders.

Governor Rick Snyder says they are "unlawfully competing"? He is talking about a group of people that had much of their land taken away from them years ago. If anyone was treated unfairly and unlawfully it would be the Native American's of this country. 

Just this last week this Governor talked about raising taxes on gas in Michigan to "fix roads".. Perhaps he is afraid Upper Michigan won't help fix roads downstate. I just can't believe a standing governor would take this approach to the KBIC. They are surviving on what little they have been given over all of these years. They want to expand and offer everyone this cheaper gas in an over priced market. I see no problem, other than a Governor standing in the way.

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