Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Police came by today.. #Michigan Pro Bono Lawyer Needed Please

After 2 years of continuous being stalked by one man, HE called the police on me! Only they (police) were here for a "friendly visit" because they believe I needed to know about the phone calls this person had made about me. The deputy told me they had gotten quite a few calls from him, trying to get ME arrested as he claimed in a Ustream broadcast. He claimed in it that my wife and I were being watched and we should be afraid. My blog I had was absolutely legal, his accusations of "Identity Theft" were a joke. The duputy also informed me that my stalker said I threatened HIS life in a tweet. And again told me my tweet was my 1st amendment right and no law was broken. It wasn't a threat directed towards him.. Now that they are involved and can see how he operates, I hope he stops.. He was told NOT to call them anymore because lives 1,500 miles away. My only choice at this point is to fully ignore the man who has stalking and harassing my family. He has threatened not only me, but now my wife and family as well. So I've decided , by MY choice only, to remove the YouTube videos and also the 2 year blog I wrote all about this one man. I also went back a few weeks on twitter removing as much as I could, but in the last 2 years I have tweeted a lot. He'll have to live with those. You have to understand, after 2 years of this nonsense I've had it. I've done this once before, stopping my postings showing HIS stalking me. He stopped for a few months but again started this nonsense. I have 100's of pictures proving libel. Tons of video proving slander. Emails and other things he posted or sent. I will never get rid of them because I believe I have a case against this man. I am looking for any PRO BONO LAWYER who is willing to look at what I have. These are the criminal offenses I believe he committed though I can't seem to get help from authorities> Act 328 of 1931 - 750.411 and also Act 475, Eff. Apr. 1, 2001 In the last few months, he has used his self proclaimed "national organization" against me. This group of people, close to 180,000 people see what he posts and he uses this to his advantage against me in many ways. So at this point my ONLY choice is to try ignoring him. Again... I will gladly accept ANY help from whomever can provide it, 2 years is enough abuse from one person so far away.. I want to take legal action and have now for quite some time. I believe I have a few years under the statue of limitations, but hope it comes faster than that.... Please MESSAGE my page or EMAIL me

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Truth (SCAM) Behind Twitter's @Breaking_Obama

 In 2011 Steven W Blood Jr used me, he tried setting me up for a scam he was behind. I stopped him and saved evidence that got him sued by the state of Missouri for $25,000+. Ever since that day, he has done everything he can to make my life on social media a living hell. In 2012 he created the popular facebook page Breaking Obama.

He also made BREAKING OBAMA on Twitter where he has gained over 200,000 followers. He uses these pawns to his advantage, or so he thinks.. On Monday night he was asking people to block and report me. He says for harassment but after his recent posts about me scamming Oklahoma tornado victims (posted farther below), I have every right to defend his accusations. Here is the post he made on June 3. (Below)

On June 1st he posted LIBEL against myself, someone from Florida and also a 501 non-profit group that helps veterans. (BELOW) VETS ROCK is trying to arrange a benefit concert for the victims of the Oklahoma Tornadoes. I didn't have a clue, nor did David from Florida that Vets Rock was even doing this. As you see for a post BREAKING OBAMA made, he (Steven W Blood Jr) blatantly posted libel.. So am I really the one harassing him? Am I the criminal who got sued by Missouri for scamming Joplin tornado victims in 2011? Steven W Blood of BREAKING OBAMA was sued for $25,000+ .. Would you believe after all the cash he has made, he only has paid $6.17 towards the judgement? SEE IT HERE

On June 1 he also asked people to report and block me.. He doesn't want anyone to hear what I have to say, I guess the truth really hurts. Did he really say that I am attacking them? He says I am a criminal violating a Cease and Desist.. If he only had one, I'd love to get his ass in court. He wouldn't stand a chance and he knows it.. He insists on telling people I am a meth head, I guess he thinks people will hear that and not ask questions.. Is this really a Anti Obama group or is this man who lives in his mothers house in Thomasville, Georgia just taking advantage on thousands all over again?

Many people have asked what harm could he possibly have? He posts things that we all enjoy and agree with.. That all might be true, however his constant attacks on myself where he asks people to block and report me tells me he is up to something. Why else would he not want his followers to even hear from me. For many months I have kept an eye on him because of the constant attacks, just like the ones posted above and also the previous blog I wrote here. (BELOW) These are the 7 Twitter pages Steven uses on a regular basis. He uses all of them to share posts from @Breaking_Obama because it increases views and also google search engines. His website is actually just a google blog, again the more hits he gets (just like the one you are reading now) the more profit $$$ he makes. You will see him using all 7 accounts to share the same posts.. Again, that sounds like good business practices.. Except nothing he is sharing is his own work. All the pictures and info he posts about was taken from others who did the leg work. He just steals it and says he has "inside info.. Check out his OTHER Twitter accounts below..
 (ABOVE) @BreakingORadio - did you know he once had a radio station but the FCC shut him down?  He was also caught in California scamming after earthquakes, again using a radio station.. Then we have @ACTMagazine - Have no idea what he thinks he can accomplish with a fake magazine.. How about @BreakBillary - Another hate page he created.. And of course @Breaking_Obama.. 
(ABOVE) Using @BreakObamaCare - Everyone hates Obama Care, so why not create a group for that too? Then you can share and retweet all sorts of posts. Making it look like so many people agree! @PUFFUSA - I love how he has a picture of a tee shirt. This is exactly what got him nailed the first time. I haven't seen any tee's come up for sale, but he has been selling 100's of things on eBay. Also he has been attending gun shows selling stickers and "memberships" to his organization.. It isn't registered anywhere and I really don't think he is paying any taxes.. Hope the IRS doesn't audit him..... This next one is a dandy! @ElectUncleTed - Ted Nugent is NOT running and has said so many times. I've heard that Ted has even asked Steven W Blood Jr to stop selling his name. Meaning the stickers and anything with Teds name on it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Anti Obama Group @Breaking_Obama IS Breaking the Law

One of the largest Anti-Obama Groups on Twitter continues to post libel against me. Now why would they waste their time on me with so much other "important" subjects at hand? Possibly because the founding father of this group was SCAMMING people for years on Facebook & Twitter.. Now he thinks people might find out the truth about his scams to deceive people, including those who hate Obama.. Steven W Blood Jr created BREAKING OBAMA on Facebook and Twitter in 2012. When he first created it, he was attempting to make it appear as if this was MY page. After posting many anti obama posts using MY name and picture, people actually started liking his posts.. I think it was then he discovered his newest scam..
He has over 217,000 followers on Twitter now and just this past weekend Steven posted a Tweet accusing myself and a 501 nonprofit of scamming money from Oklahoma Tornado Victims! Absolute total libel and lies!! I thought his main focus was about President Obama.. Now he wants to keep using it to come after me. All because of his scams in Missouri after the Joplin Tornadoes.. I helped getting him caught.
After his decision to post this Tweet to his many followers, VETS ROCK responded with a request for an apology for what they posted. Highly unlikely that will happen anytime soon. Vets Rock actually came at me and thought I had something to do with this post. I told them I am just as much as a victim as they are.

Later that June 1st night, Steven Blood kept using this big twitter page to continue attacking me. He posted to someone else that I was issued a cease and desist order and that I am a meth user.. Again all lies, but coming from a Anti-Obama Twitter page with 217,000+ followers... It goes a long way and should be against many laws..
 Steven W Blood Jr of Breaking Obama posted this (above) to his Twitter page.. He did this AFTER he accused me and Vets Rock of illegal activities.. Then he has the balls to say I am violating a cease and desist, if there WAS one.. For over 2 years now, this idiot who lives in his mothers garage in Thomasville, Georgia has attacked me using facebook and twitter. He has called my places of employment with lies, he has posted to facebook pages of groups I work with to post lies.. He has called local media around me to tell them about me.. He even called the state of Michigan to say I was scamming people.. Where does this shit end?

This will stop, one way or another.. Yes, Steven.. That IS a threat.. Why don't you go play on the freeway with a blind fold on and do many people a great favor? Stop your wild imagination and stop stealing!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blocked from Facebook for Cabbage?

On my fan page today I shared the picture from a farm in Vulcan, MI. They have been in business for many years providing produce to the citizens of Upper Michigan. I enjoy sharing it, they do too..
I shared a picture of cabbage on the farm.. The picture that I shared (below) was public by the farm, they were actively commenting back and forth with me. Facebook says it violated their policies somehow.

Here is where you can see this post from the farm. Does this make any sense to you at all? I shared a picture of cabbage and suggested that businesses buy farm fresh. Has facebook totally gone against my freedom of speech about buying fresh farm products? What is their problem? Bet you can guess what came next..
Yep, had a picture of cabbage from a local farm. I was BLOCKED from posting for 12 hours. Isn't that the most stupidest thing you have ever heard of? Many of the other posts about the farm are still there, so sharing just them isn't a problem? See My Page Just not cabbage I guess..

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vets Rock (Non-Profit) Attacked by Anti-Obama Facebook Page

The large facebook page called "Breaking Obama" had this (above) posted on their facebook page to almost 89,000 fans and also to their Twitter page. This is the same con-artist whom the state of Missouri went after in 2011 for scamming tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri. Over the past week he has been selling products USING Vets Rock in the process. They were encouraging people to buy stickers and memberships with part of their purchase going to Vets Rock. As you can see, they replied to this blatant lie. They have actually refused  any donations by them on eBay.

Vets Rock posted THIS to their facebook page a short time ago, letting their fans know about the issue. Also 2 years ago during the April 27th tornadoes in the south, STEVEN W BLOOD JR (Owner of Breaking Obama) tried using VETS ROCK too.. But then too, Vets Rock caught on to what Steven was trying. Now it seems posting LIBEL against myself and a non profit is more up his alley.