Monday, June 3, 2013

Anti Obama Group @Breaking_Obama IS Breaking the Law

One of the largest Anti-Obama Groups on Twitter continues to post libel against me. Now why would they waste their time on me with so much other "important" subjects at hand? Possibly because the founding father of this group was SCAMMING people for years on Facebook & Twitter.. Now he thinks people might find out the truth about his scams to deceive people, including those who hate Obama.. Steven W Blood Jr created BREAKING OBAMA on Facebook and Twitter in 2012. When he first created it, he was attempting to make it appear as if this was MY page. After posting many anti obama posts using MY name and picture, people actually started liking his posts.. I think it was then he discovered his newest scam..
He has over 217,000 followers on Twitter now and just this past weekend Steven posted a Tweet accusing myself and a 501 nonprofit of scamming money from Oklahoma Tornado Victims! Absolute total libel and lies!! I thought his main focus was about President Obama.. Now he wants to keep using it to come after me. All because of his scams in Missouri after the Joplin Tornadoes.. I helped getting him caught.
After his decision to post this Tweet to his many followers, VETS ROCK responded with a request for an apology for what they posted. Highly unlikely that will happen anytime soon. Vets Rock actually came at me and thought I had something to do with this post. I told them I am just as much as a victim as they are.

Later that June 1st night, Steven Blood kept using this big twitter page to continue attacking me. He posted to someone else that I was issued a cease and desist order and that I am a meth user.. Again all lies, but coming from a Anti-Obama Twitter page with 217,000+ followers... It goes a long way and should be against many laws..
 Steven W Blood Jr of Breaking Obama posted this (above) to his Twitter page.. He did this AFTER he accused me and Vets Rock of illegal activities.. Then he has the balls to say I am violating a cease and desist, if there WAS one.. For over 2 years now, this idiot who lives in his mothers garage in Thomasville, Georgia has attacked me using facebook and twitter. He has called my places of employment with lies, he has posted to facebook pages of groups I work with to post lies.. He has called local media around me to tell them about me.. He even called the state of Michigan to say I was scamming people.. Where does this shit end?

This will stop, one way or another.. Yes, Steven.. That IS a threat.. Why don't you go play on the freeway with a blind fold on and do many people a great favor? Stop your wild imagination and stop stealing!!

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