Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blocked from Facebook for Cabbage?

On my fan page today I shared the picture from a farm in Vulcan, MI. They have been in business for many years providing produce to the citizens of Upper Michigan. I enjoy sharing it, they do too..
I shared a picture of cabbage on the farm.. The picture that I shared (below) was public by the farm, they were actively commenting back and forth with me. Facebook says it violated their policies somehow.

Here is where you can see this post from the farm. Does this make any sense to you at all? I shared a picture of cabbage and suggested that businesses buy farm fresh. Has facebook totally gone against my freedom of speech about buying fresh farm products? What is their problem? Bet you can guess what came next..
Yep, had a picture of cabbage from a local farm. I was BLOCKED from posting for 12 hours. Isn't that the most stupidest thing you have ever heard of? Many of the other posts about the farm are still there, so sharing just them isn't a problem? See My Page Just not cabbage I guess..

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