Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Police came by today.. #Michigan Pro Bono Lawyer Needed Please

After 2 years of continuous being stalked by one man, HE called the police on me! Only they (police) were here for a "friendly visit" because they believe I needed to know about the phone calls this person had made about me. The deputy told me they had gotten quite a few calls from him, trying to get ME arrested as he claimed in a Ustream broadcast. He claimed in it that my wife and I were being watched and we should be afraid. My blog I had was absolutely legal, his accusations of "Identity Theft" were a joke. The duputy also informed me that my stalker said I threatened HIS life in a tweet. And again told me my tweet was my 1st amendment right and no law was broken. It wasn't a threat directed towards him.. Now that they are involved and can see how he operates, I hope he stops.. He was told NOT to call them anymore because lives 1,500 miles away. My only choice at this point is to fully ignore the man who has stalking and harassing my family. He has threatened not only me, but now my wife and family as well. So I've decided , by MY choice only, to remove the YouTube videos and also the 2 year blog I wrote all about this one man. I also went back a few weeks on twitter removing as much as I could, but in the last 2 years I have tweeted a lot. He'll have to live with those. You have to understand, after 2 years of this nonsense I've had it. I've done this once before, stopping my postings showing HIS stalking me. He stopped for a few months but again started this nonsense. I have 100's of pictures proving libel. Tons of video proving slander. Emails and other things he posted or sent. I will never get rid of them because I believe I have a case against this man. I am looking for any PRO BONO LAWYER who is willing to look at what I have. These are the criminal offenses I believe he committed though I can't seem to get help from authorities> Act 328 of 1931 - 750.411 and also Act 475, Eff. Apr. 1, 2001 In the last few months, he has used his self proclaimed "national organization" against me. This group of people, close to 180,000 people see what he posts and he uses this to his advantage against me in many ways. So at this point my ONLY choice is to try ignoring him. Again... I will gladly accept ANY help from whomever can provide it, 2 years is enough abuse from one person so far away.. I want to take legal action and have now for quite some time. I believe I have a few years under the statue of limitations, but hope it comes faster than that.... Please MESSAGE my page or EMAIL me

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