Saturday, June 1, 2013

Vets Rock (Non-Profit) Attacked by Anti-Obama Facebook Page

The large facebook page called "Breaking Obama" had this (above) posted on their facebook page to almost 89,000 fans and also to their Twitter page. This is the same con-artist whom the state of Missouri went after in 2011 for scamming tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri. Over the past week he has been selling products USING Vets Rock in the process. They were encouraging people to buy stickers and memberships with part of their purchase going to Vets Rock. As you can see, they replied to this blatant lie. They have actually refused  any donations by them on eBay.

Vets Rock posted THIS to their facebook page a short time ago, letting their fans know about the issue. Also 2 years ago during the April 27th tornadoes in the south, STEVEN W BLOOD JR (Owner of Breaking Obama) tried using VETS ROCK too.. But then too, Vets Rock caught on to what Steven was trying. Now it seems posting LIBEL against myself and a non profit is more up his alley.


  1. This is False and slanderous and has been reported to Google. Mr Blood has no involvement.

    1. Report it to whomever you want Steven.. The truth shall set you free or in this case - Hopefully Jail!

    2. Actually, Steven W Blood, you ARE "Patriots United for Freedom" and "Bo Miller", and "Ken Tiki" and, of course, "Woody Nelson".
      You WERE convicted of fraud in Missouri.
      And once in awhile you "host" some cock-a-manie garbage on UStream that looks like it attracts about 3 listeners. So, that would be you (1), your Mommy (2) and whomever is up for a laugh (3).