Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sexually Assaulted Woman Threatened by Job?

We are taught as a young children to always respect women.. There are things you do not say or do to a woman. One of the things you never do is grab their ass without being invited to do so. If you do for some reason do it anyway and she says no.. You stop and never do it again! Right?

I couldn't believe after this man touched a woman like he did the first time, that he still had his job! When it happened again to the same woman, coming from the same man, I thought for sure HE would lose his job.. Or so I thought.. He Said, She Said.. I don't think you can believe what I'm going to tell you next..

The younger woman was sexually assaulted by this man more than once on this same job. He repeatedly said things to her that she didn't like. When he grabbed her ass the first time, many people couldn't understand why he wasn't suspended or at least given a stern warning. Most believe it was because he was very close friends with the General Manager of the store. The General Manager wouldn't fire a friend, would she?? Oh yes, I said she! The GM is supporting the statement from the criminal, she isn't even giving the victim the time of day!

Earlier last week, this guy was working with the victim in a spot away from other workers. He made a move onto her and grabbed her ass once again (unwanted) and she turned around and slapped him hard across the face. She was defending herself from a sexual assault (I Believe) that he was committing against her. He in turn screamed "YOU CUNT" at her in this fastfood store. The manager on duty heard the slap and what he said to her. When he learned the he had once again grabbed her ass, this manager did the right thing and fired him on the spot.. FIRED HIM!! Here is where this story takes a crazy turn....

The next day the GM informs the shift manager the this guy was NOT fired.. Instead she would suspend him for a week. She also insisted that because the girl slapped him, nothing could be done without both losing their jobs. This General Manager told this poor young woman that NOTHING could/would be done. That because she slapped him, the only action would be to fire her too.. So instead he will get a warning for the 2nd time to the same girl! Does he have to RAPE her in order to be fired? This poor woman/girl is scared of getting fired for defending herself!! Fired!! So he got his job back (for now) and she was warned against pursuing this any further!! What the HELL is going on here? Most everyone agrees this GM is wrong!



  1. Wow that is horrible. If you ask me both the assaulter and the General Manager should be fired. That woman should NOT be afraid to press charges if she has been sexually assaulted. I think this woman should still press charges, and if she gets fired she will be able to sue the company. Plus who would want to work there after being assaulted like that? And than threatened to be fired if she says anything about it? This is quite pathetic for a fast food restaurant and I sure hope something happens about this situation

  2. Right is right, wrong is wrong. People need to be held accountable for their actions. This Lady needs to take legal action. What would the offenders think if their Mother, Sister, Wife, etc were treated this way? It all goes back to the Golden Rule, treat others as you would want to be treated.