Sunday, November 30, 2014

Feds Say Marijuana Has No Medicinal Value, Gets US Patent for Medicinal Marijuana Research

Is the US Government busting down on the medicinal marijuana markets for their own medicinal advantages? 


For over 10 years the United States Government has been holding a patent they acquired in 2003 to research and explore Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants. The very same government who declares marijuana has no medicinal purpose is exploring this natural drug for medicinal purposes.

In 2003, the Department of Health and Human Services received a patent to research the benefits of medicinal marijuana. United States Patent #6,630,507  

Read this abstract from the application submitted to the US Patent Office:
Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties, unrelated to NMDA receptor antagonism. This new found property makes cannabinoids useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. The cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids, such as cannabidoil, are particularly advantageous to use because they avoid toxicity that is encountered with psychoactive cannabinoids at high doses useful in the method of the present invention. A particular disclosed class of cannabinoids useful as neuroprotective antioxidants is formula (I) wherein the R group is independently selected from the group consisting of H, CH.sub.3, and COCH.sub.3.

Why is the federal Government fighting the legalization of medicinal marijuana to the extremes they are? Learning about this patent could lead one to believe they are cornering the market in medical research while making it illegal on a federal level for anyone else to research it. How are they funding this federally funded research of a drug they say has no medicinal purpose? Why do they continue raiding marijuana growers and legal dispensaries in states that allow it? 

Is the USA funding their own marijuana research from the seizures of legal medicine?


Monday, September 29, 2014

Best Patriot Guard Rider Escort of 2014 - Welcome Home Marine!

For me this escort beats all others, this Marine was coming home for the first time since "it" happened. This Marine was met at the Home Depot of Iron Mountain, MI by the Patriot Guard Riders and many emergency vehicles (with many more along the way). The ride through Iron Mountain with a police escort and a fire truck too was made for a hero. Over 40 miles of non stop action.. I won't spoil it for you, you'll just have to watch for yourself. This was definitely MY favorite escort of 2014.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twitter Suspends BREAKING OBAMA Page, Removes 23 Others Related!

The BREAKING OBAMA twitter page operated by the notorious Steven W Blood Jr of Thomasville, Georgia aka Ken Tiki, Ray Posado and Woody Nelson was just suspended on Twitter today for an unknown reason. He is known for many different scams that took place across the United States in past years, the last one in Missouri when he tried scamming victims of the deadly Joplin Tornado, he also was including veterans in this scam. Luckily the Missouri Attorney General SUED Mr Blood and won a large settlement to which Mr Blood has failed to pay yet.

He has been using these (posted below) 24 different pages on Twitter with all different subjects and one might suspect it was due to the #Ferguson tee shirt sales that he was selling on those accounts. From the (still active) facebook page called Breaking Obama you can see the tee shirts he has to offer. He suggests you "support" the officer by buying his shirt, though the money stays in his pocket and none goes to the officer. He has actually stated on Facebook that his "stalkers" removed the twitter pages. Over a year ago in January 2013 the famous Victoria Jackson told her followers NOT to follow them, "Do not "Like" 'Breaking Obama'. It's a scam."

By now many followers must be wondering what happened, many probably think it is a big conspiracy to remove anti Obama pages or something. They do have rules about the number of accounts one person is allowed. Finally some sort of action took place!

The following pages of Steven W Blood Jr were SUSPENDED today (8/27/14):

Friday, August 1, 2014

Michigan Medical Marijuana Growers Have Fears..

Ever since Michigan legalized medical marijuana.. I've often wondered what these indoor gardens must be like. I've seen pictures of them in magazines and only sometimes when law enforcement released pictures to the media, but never had the opportunity to see them up close and 1st hand. That was until late last night when I had a knock at my door...
He walked with a limp and was constantly in pain, he needed his medicine as did the others he was growing for. He didn't tell me about his patients, he really didn't tell me much about himself. Our meeting together was rather short this time, he gave me very little time but I did manage to get a few shots and some video too. 

Perhaps we should have gotten a cup of coffee first or maybe sat down to a bite to eat. I didn't know he would be so nervous about showing me this operation. It appears that many growers still have a fear of others knowing where this is being done. I don't think it has to do with the police as much as it does for people who may try stealing it. One grower said police don't really investigate those crimes, most believe they need to protect it.
 I won't say where at all, only because he seriously made me wear a blindfold to get there.. Yeah, that was a joke.. No blindfolds or rides in the trunk, he simply told me he knew where I lived. Sounds good to me.. He made sure I didn't carry a cell phone or any other device than just my camera, he said people can track that sort of thing. Some might call him paranoid, but I think he was just being cautious. He doesn't use facebook, he says he doesn't have time for the drama of other people and he wanted to live his life in peace. 

I guess we should have discussed more also about when I should visit, because it was my hopes to see his garden when all the lights were on. Only one room had the lights on, the room with all the huge budding plants was dark. Now I don't know if he over-looked this or did it on purpose, but he assured me we could do this again. 

I think our first meeting went well, I tried calming his nerves the best I could. He has a right to be nervous, he felt he was taking a chance with someone he just met. We did have someone in the middle but that is another story altogether.. Keep a lookout for the short Youtube video I'll be making from my first visit to the garden. He was supposed to help narrate a video with me by answering questions but didn't even want to do that yet.. He says he was just too nervous. I can't blame him, I was too.. 

(These images are from a 100% legal medical marijuana garden in Dickinson County, Michigan. I will not disclose to anyone the location as it would put this patient and others in danger.)


A FACEBOOK Emergency - The Crash of August 2014

On August 1, 2014 many facebook screens in America looked just like this.. Did yours?

Were you one of the many people who contacted police today when you tried logging in? Why would anyone believe they needed to call the police? What is wrong with you?

 There are so many things our youth can do today instead of electronics and the internet. It appears that most adults are the ones responsible for this problem we face today. Most adults who see the internet for the first time are scared, but after awhile we see what we were missing years ago when we were kids. Only THAT is our mistake, we never "missed the internet" because we never had it.. We experienced our childhood as it was meant to be, we learned and imagined much of the time.. It is sad that we are losing our abilities to be creative and find things to occupy our time, instead giving our lives to computers and short cuts.

We need to teach our children that there is much more to life than just Facebook!

Sunday, May 18, 2014


Several of my public reports about an alleged sexual harassment complaint filed against an employee of Wendy's in Iron Mountain, Mich., contain various factual errors that run the risk of damaging the reputations of those involved.

In those reports, I incorrectly stated that sexual harassment is tolerated at Wendy's of Iron Mountain, Mich. I also reported that allegations made to me by employees of Wendy's regarding sexual harassment were true without first verifying their accuracy.

Further, I incorrectly reported that certain employees had been fired in connection with the alleged sexual harassment and that members of management used disparaging terms to describe employes allegedly connected with the complaint. These allegations were not verified and should not have been reported as fact.

In addition to the errors, representatives of Wendy's were not given a "right to fair reply" as part of these reports.

I hereby confirm that I have made a grave error in publishing these statements without first verifying them as facts and giving Wendy's spokesmen an opportunity to respond. I, therefore, fully and frankly retract all statements against Wendy's employees named in these reports.

In a further mark of my contrition, I am removing all stories and posts regarding this matter from Facebook and the blog, U.P. News & Video.

- Jason Asselin (UP News & Video)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lawyer Uses Iron County (Michigan) School Board, Talks About "Stupidity" of Free Speech..

What your about to see is a lawyer belittle and intimidate a parent who brought concerns to social media. This guy was hired by the girls track coach, whom is married to the principal of the high school. Make sure you see this entire meeting in the first link below. Many parents were there, but many more were not. The words this lawyer used should be shared too.
I don't know how to describe this Iron County (Michigan) School Board meeting on April 21, 2014. Awkward would be my first choice in this matter, since this lawyer got up and spoke to Sarah McCord as if this entire meeting was about her. He sat in front of my camera and gave it all, though I'm not sure he knew I was recording the entire event. This attorney Steven Pence from Marquette, MI was retained he said by the girls track coach teacher Mrs Berrutti. It appeared to me the school board knew he was there to speak, but as I understand he wasn't on their agenda anywhere. His comments came as a surprise to most in the room. The shocking part of his whole presentation was this talk about "Fighting with TV6 News for 5 years".. He talks about the Stupidity of how anyone could say anything online. Last time I checked, that was called FREE SPEECH and in this country we live we have a document called the US Constitution that perhaps Mr Pence forgot to read. His words really make me ill.. Make sure you SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to this blog, also LIKE my facebook page UP News & Video. Please COMMENT below, also SHARE this to Facebook and Tweet it too!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is this Iron County High School (MI) Ignoring Parents Complaints?

If you had a complaint about a teacher where your kid attends school, do you think the school would try getting you fired from your job as punishment? If you lived in Iron County in Michigan's upper peninsula you would hope not, but a claim by a parent changes that all together.. What Sarah McCord is suggesting was caused because some kid in Iron River, Michigan wanted a pink mohawk

She had a son on that bus when Mike Barker was told to exit the bus. When he came back from the office, he got his stuff and wished his team luck. He was OFF the team.. Please see this serious allegation and ask your local media to attend this school board meeting. I also believe every parent with children in this high school pay attention to what is going on here. The following was taken from a posted note on Sarah's Facebook. You can follow the link at the bottom of the page and read it yourself.

"This attempt to bully me at my place of employment is for one reason, and one reason only… I am asking that staff members be held accountable for their actions – leading up to and following – the Mike Barker incident.  Mike’s pink hair, though it was a catalyst for all incidents that followed, is not what I am here to discuss. Mike’s hair was simply the first domino in a series of events that have brought to light many areas of concern within our school district." 

Friday, February 28, 2014

(Video) MI Assistant Attorney General Hal Martin's Courtroom Outburst

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Hal Martin lost his composure in a Michigan courtroom this week (video below), he verbally attacked Mark Baker of "Baker's Green Acres Farm" before he attempted to lure the peaceful onlookers into a heated discussion. Watch this video of him exchanging words before the judge comes into the courtroom. Then see as he asks people in the audience for their opinions and thoughts, explaining to them he was the Assistant Attorney General. One person started talking and Hal said he didn't really care.. No one wanted to talk to him, some even suggested he turn back around. He said he thought some might have questions for him..

Maybe if he cared about the people he represented in Michigan, he might have a better understanding of their situations. I can't believe this man represents our state in a courtroom with an attitude like this!!

Is this someone who is paid for by Michigan tax payers?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Madison (WI) Meteor Video from a Squad Car

This is squad car video from the Madison Police Department in Wisconsin of a meteor that pierced the night sky on February 26, 2014. This short video clearly shows a meteor falling near the center of the screen in the night sky. For information about this event, please see MPD Incident Report #2014-60435.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping - The Only International Ski Jumping Competition in the USA

There are few places in the USA where you can see ski jumping in person. One of these places is this historic ski jump in upper Michigan, just 2 hours north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every year in February the KIWANIS SKI CLUB hosts the FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping Competition and this year marks 75 years of ski jumping here! This class of ski jumping is just below the World Cup!

Already there has been major activity on the hill as the Kiwanis begin prepping this hill for the upcoming tournament. Just before Christmas snow makers were moved into position to begin making snow.

Now this process is already complete and the hill is being transformed to host this world class event. The cool and exciting process begins when they begin filling the ski jump itself with snow. That process is all by volunteer workers due to safety restrictions. If these workers were actually paid, there would be massive constraints on how they could do their job. This way they have their own life in their hands, when you see the process you will understand why it has to be this way!

These men and women of the Kiwanis really know what they are doing and they do it well!

All the ski jumping action begins in early February in Iron Mountain, MI next to the Pine Mountain Ski Resort. The $25/Adult & $20/Student admission to see this world class ski jumping in person is probably one of the cheapest rates you will ever pay. All around Iron Mountain & Kingsford, MI you can find these buttons they sell for this event. If you get them before Feb 6th, you'll save $5.. You can contact the Dickinson Area Partnership for more info (906) 774-2002.

On February 6th from 6-8pm (All times are CST) there will be a meet and greet at the nearby Pine Mountain Ski Resort where all the skiers and coaches will be available to meet and maybe get autographs. This is a popular place to meet your favorite skier, let your kids meet their idols. The real action begins on Friday at 10:30am with training & competition jumping at 1:30pm. Saturday the trial round starts at 11am, with opening ceremonies at 12:15 and competition beginning at 1:30pm. Sunday the trial round is at 11am and the final competition is at 1pm. Never a dull moment either, always something cool to see to meet.

After attending the last 3 years of events, I've got some interesting stories to tell. I hope you follow me here on Yahoo and enjoy the awesome tales I have from upper Michigan! We'll see you next month!

To learn more about Pine Mountain Ski Jump

See the last 3 years of ski jumping from Pine Mountain Ski Jump