Thursday, January 16, 2014

2014 FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping - The Only International Ski Jumping Competition in the USA

There are few places in the USA where you can see ski jumping in person. One of these places is this historic ski jump in upper Michigan, just 2 hours north of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Every year in February the KIWANIS SKI CLUB hosts the FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping Competition and this year marks 75 years of ski jumping here! This class of ski jumping is just below the World Cup!

Already there has been major activity on the hill as the Kiwanis begin prepping this hill for the upcoming tournament. Just before Christmas snow makers were moved into position to begin making snow.

Now this process is already complete and the hill is being transformed to host this world class event. The cool and exciting process begins when they begin filling the ski jump itself with snow. That process is all by volunteer workers due to safety restrictions. If these workers were actually paid, there would be massive constraints on how they could do their job. This way they have their own life in their hands, when you see the process you will understand why it has to be this way!

These men and women of the Kiwanis really know what they are doing and they do it well!

All the ski jumping action begins in early February in Iron Mountain, MI next to the Pine Mountain Ski Resort. The $25/Adult & $20/Student admission to see this world class ski jumping in person is probably one of the cheapest rates you will ever pay. All around Iron Mountain & Kingsford, MI you can find these buttons they sell for this event. If you get them before Feb 6th, you'll save $5.. You can contact the Dickinson Area Partnership for more info (906) 774-2002.

On February 6th from 6-8pm (All times are CST) there will be a meet and greet at the nearby Pine Mountain Ski Resort where all the skiers and coaches will be available to meet and maybe get autographs. This is a popular place to meet your favorite skier, let your kids meet their idols. The real action begins on Friday at 10:30am with training & competition jumping at 1:30pm. Saturday the trial round starts at 11am, with opening ceremonies at 12:15 and competition beginning at 1:30pm. Sunday the trial round is at 11am and the final competition is at 1pm. Never a dull moment either, always something cool to see to meet.

After attending the last 3 years of events, I've got some interesting stories to tell. I hope you follow me here on Yahoo and enjoy the awesome tales I have from upper Michigan! We'll see you next month!

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