Friday, February 28, 2014

(Video) MI Assistant Attorney General Hal Martin's Courtroom Outburst

Michigan Assistant Attorney General Hal Martin lost his composure in a Michigan courtroom this week (video below), he verbally attacked Mark Baker of "Baker's Green Acres Farm" before he attempted to lure the peaceful onlookers into a heated discussion. Watch this video of him exchanging words before the judge comes into the courtroom. Then see as he asks people in the audience for their opinions and thoughts, explaining to them he was the Assistant Attorney General. One person started talking and Hal said he didn't really care.. No one wanted to talk to him, some even suggested he turn back around. He said he thought some might have questions for him..

Maybe if he cared about the people he represented in Michigan, he might have a better understanding of their situations. I can't believe this man represents our state in a courtroom with an attitude like this!!

Is this someone who is paid for by Michigan tax payers?

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