Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lawyer Uses Iron County (Michigan) School Board, Talks About "Stupidity" of Free Speech..

What your about to see is a lawyer belittle and intimidate a parent who brought concerns to social media. This guy was hired by the girls track coach, whom is married to the principal of the high school. Make sure you see this entire meeting in the first link below. Many parents were there, but many more were not. The words this lawyer used should be shared too.
I don't know how to describe this Iron County (Michigan) School Board meeting on April 21, 2014. Awkward would be my first choice in this matter, since this lawyer got up and spoke to Sarah McCord as if this entire meeting was about her. He sat in front of my camera and gave it all, though I'm not sure he knew I was recording the entire event. This attorney Steven Pence from Marquette, MI was retained he said by the girls track coach teacher Mrs Berrutti. It appeared to me the school board knew he was there to speak, but as I understand he wasn't on their agenda anywhere. His comments came as a surprise to most in the room. The shocking part of his whole presentation was this talk about "Fighting with TV6 News for 5 years".. He talks about the Stupidity of how anyone could say anything online. Last time I checked, that was called FREE SPEECH and in this country we live we have a document called the US Constitution that perhaps Mr Pence forgot to read. His words really make me ill.. Make sure you SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to this blog, also LIKE my facebook page UP News & Video. Please COMMENT below, also SHARE this to Facebook and Tweet it too!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is this Iron County High School (MI) Ignoring Parents Complaints?

If you had a complaint about a teacher where your kid attends school, do you think the school would try getting you fired from your job as punishment? If you lived in Iron County in Michigan's upper peninsula you would hope not, but a claim by a parent changes that all together.. What Sarah McCord is suggesting was caused because some kid in Iron River, Michigan wanted a pink mohawk

She had a son on that bus when Mike Barker was told to exit the bus. When he came back from the office, he got his stuff and wished his team luck. He was OFF the team.. Please see this serious allegation and ask your local media to attend this school board meeting. I also believe every parent with children in this high school pay attention to what is going on here. The following was taken from a posted note on Sarah's Facebook. You can follow the link at the bottom of the page and read it yourself.

"This attempt to bully me at my place of employment is for one reason, and one reason only… I am asking that staff members be held accountable for their actions – leading up to and following – the Mike Barker incident.  Mike’s pink hair, though it was a catalyst for all incidents that followed, is not what I am here to discuss. Mike’s hair was simply the first domino in a series of events that have brought to light many areas of concern within our school district."