Sunday, May 18, 2014


Several of my public reports about an alleged sexual harassment complaint filed against an employee of Wendy's in Iron Mountain, Mich., contain various factual errors that run the risk of damaging the reputations of those involved.

In those reports, I incorrectly stated that sexual harassment is tolerated at Wendy's of Iron Mountain, Mich. I also reported that allegations made to me by employees of Wendy's regarding sexual harassment were true without first verifying their accuracy.

Further, I incorrectly reported that certain employees had been fired in connection with the alleged sexual harassment and that members of management used disparaging terms to describe employes allegedly connected with the complaint. These allegations were not verified and should not have been reported as fact.

In addition to the errors, representatives of Wendy's were not given a "right to fair reply" as part of these reports.

I hereby confirm that I have made a grave error in publishing these statements without first verifying them as facts and giving Wendy's spokesmen an opportunity to respond. I, therefore, fully and frankly retract all statements against Wendy's employees named in these reports.

In a further mark of my contrition, I am removing all stories and posts regarding this matter from Facebook and the blog, U.P. News & Video.

- Jason Asselin (UP News & Video)