Friday, August 1, 2014

Michigan Medical Marijuana Growers Have Fears..

Ever since Michigan legalized medical marijuana.. I've often wondered what these indoor gardens must be like. I've seen pictures of them in magazines and only sometimes when law enforcement released pictures to the media, but never had the opportunity to see them up close and 1st hand. That was until late last night when I had a knock at my door...
He walked with a limp and was constantly in pain, he needed his medicine as did the others he was growing for. He didn't tell me about his patients, he really didn't tell me much about himself. Our meeting together was rather short this time, he gave me very little time but I did manage to get a few shots and some video too. 

Perhaps we should have gotten a cup of coffee first or maybe sat down to a bite to eat. I didn't know he would be so nervous about showing me this operation. It appears that many growers still have a fear of others knowing where this is being done. I don't think it has to do with the police as much as it does for people who may try stealing it. One grower said police don't really investigate those crimes, most believe they need to protect it.
 I won't say where at all, only because he seriously made me wear a blindfold to get there.. Yeah, that was a joke.. No blindfolds or rides in the trunk, he simply told me he knew where I lived. Sounds good to me.. He made sure I didn't carry a cell phone or any other device than just my camera, he said people can track that sort of thing. Some might call him paranoid, but I think he was just being cautious. He doesn't use facebook, he says he doesn't have time for the drama of other people and he wanted to live his life in peace. 

I guess we should have discussed more also about when I should visit, because it was my hopes to see his garden when all the lights were on. Only one room had the lights on, the room with all the huge budding plants was dark. Now I don't know if he over-looked this or did it on purpose, but he assured me we could do this again. 

I think our first meeting went well, I tried calming his nerves the best I could. He has a right to be nervous, he felt he was taking a chance with someone he just met. We did have someone in the middle but that is another story altogether.. Keep a lookout for the short Youtube video I'll be making from my first visit to the garden. He was supposed to help narrate a video with me by answering questions but didn't even want to do that yet.. He says he was just too nervous. I can't blame him, I was too.. 

(These images are from a 100% legal medical marijuana garden in Dickinson County, Michigan. I will not disclose to anyone the location as it would put this patient and others in danger.)


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  1. I think its really neat that this person showed you this, if people see and hear the good things about medicinal marijuana maybe their feelings on it might change :) And I understand the person(s) nervousness, it is actually quite scary what people will do now days.