Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Twitter Suspends BREAKING OBAMA Page, Removes 23 Others Related!

The BREAKING OBAMA twitter page operated by the notorious Steven W Blood Jr of Thomasville, Georgia aka Ken Tiki, Ray Posado and Woody Nelson was just suspended on Twitter today for an unknown reason. He is known for many different scams that took place across the United States in past years, the last one in Missouri when he tried scamming victims of the deadly Joplin Tornado, he also was including veterans in this scam. Luckily the Missouri Attorney General SUED Mr Blood and won a large settlement to which Mr Blood has failed to pay yet.

He has been using these (posted below) 24 different pages on Twitter with all different subjects and one might suspect it was due to the #Ferguson tee shirt sales that he was selling on those accounts. From the (still active) facebook page called Breaking Obama you can see the tee shirts he has to offer. He suggests you "support" the officer by buying his shirt, though the money stays in his pocket and none goes to the officer. He has actually stated on Facebook that his "stalkers" removed the twitter pages. Over a year ago in January 2013 the famous Victoria Jackson told her followers NOT to follow them, "Do not "Like" 'Breaking Obama'. It's a scam."

By now many followers must be wondering what happened, many probably think it is a big conspiracy to remove anti Obama pages or something. They do have rules about the number of accounts one person is allowed. Finally some sort of action took place!

The following pages of Steven W Blood Jr were SUSPENDED today (8/27/14):

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  1. If I could share 1 thing about this experience ...REPORT accounts that are doing any of the following... HARASSING, LIBELING, DEFAMING, LYING.. about you.

    Every time this man would tweet about me from any of 10 accounts, was never good. I simply reported those tweets. I kept a record of which account and when I reported. In each report I ALWAYS included his REAL NAME. I also mentioned that this man had approx. 30 accts and was "attacking" me from 10 of them.

    When I saw the top 3 accts he was using SUSPENDED, I was happy. Was also happy to see ALL the accts (other 7) he used, were SUSPENDED also.

    Being curious.. I started checking his other accts, one by one they were all SUSPENDED.

    Will he return? "of course". He will go right back to what he's always done, because he always believes that he is the victim and NO ONE dare tell him what to do or even challenge him on what he does.

    Will Mr. Blood Jr read this page and comment.... NOT sure.
    I'm NOT bothered and gladly use my real name.

    HERE ARE THE FAKE NAMES USED by Steven W. Blood Jr: