Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It's Easy To Buy Guns On Facebook!

New laws to stop people from getting guns if they are felons or mentally unstable? 

Did any law imposed ever stop them before? 

I can go on Facebook anytime of the day and find plenty of guns for sale from private individuals who would never check to see if I or anyone else were felons or just released from a mental hospital. The problem isn't the guns, its the idiots holding them who shouldn't have them in the first place! 

I live in a rural community of upper Michigan, it isn't some huge city like Milwaukee or Chicago, so I can only imagine how easy it must be for people there to illegally purchase firearms. If I were a bad guy and wanted to do harm, I could buy an cache of weapons using just facebook and have them in under a week.

What will stop the sale of guns on Facebook?   


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