Monday, October 5, 2015

The Secret Marriage Proposal (Behind The Scenes)

This was the coolest secret proposal I have ever been part of.. We never met the couple or even seen a picture of them prior to this proposal and they had never been there either! We were asked just a week prior if it would be possible to film him asking his girlfriend to marry him at Piers Gorge in Michigan's upper peninsula, to which we quickly said yes.. Knowing they had never been there, we weren't sure how to lead them to where we were waiting. That is when my wife came up with this awesome idea... HEARTS TO FOLLOW...

 Using environment friendly chalk and knowing it would wash away in the first rain, hearts led the way..
 They could easily follow the hearts along the path, we suggested he make it a game on their "walk"..
 So I couldn't help but to add some LOVE into the mix as well.. Everyone should have it in their lives!

Ashley (target) said as they were walking through Piers Gorge, they saw this little kid run by them with his hands in his pocket, she said she thought to herself "he must be going to get more chalk".. Little did she know it wasn't him and all of these hearts and messages were for her.. This was the easy part... The big question was how to get them to stand where we needed them. Our first thought, wait I mean my first thought was to put my wife on this big boulder on the edge of the water where she could capture pictures from there, while I recorded video from the path.  Did I mention she has a fear of heights? WE changed our plans..

The next big challenge was getting them to stand exactly where we wanted them. So we came up with the idea of using a big pink rose wrapped up and just laying there for them to find. I'm sure it was a surprise to find it laying there next to the waters edge.. I wonder what she was thinking when he picked it up...

As we waited for their arrival, we had to ask people to stay away from the area where the rose was laying.. One group of people decided to stay and see what was about to happen. However, they were no where to be seen when it did.. We saw them holding hands as they walked towards us, my wife had her back to her and I was pretending as if I was talking to her. He took the turn and pointed down towards the hearts that were still on the ground, which led to the rose waiting.. The rest I'll let you watch for yourself!

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