Monday, October 19, 2015

WI DNR Proposed Changes At Piers Gorge, Menominee River

The area known as Piers Gorge along the Menominee River is Michigan's upper peninsula is known for its natural beauty as you walk along a path along the river. It is also a place for white water rafting and kayaking too, many different people share the park for different reasons and activities. This entire time, only from Michigan could you experience this.. That could all change real soon..

The Wisconsin side has been sitting there, not touched by human hands for years. This may all change if Wisconsin goes ahead with their plan to make their side as accessible as Michigan's is... 

Many people will like it but others may want nature to stay the way it is..  
What do you think about the plans above? 

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  1. In related news -- the Menominee River itself is now under threat from an open pit sulfide mine planned for Upper Michigan's Lake Township. Here's a link to a press release outlining the situation, with several opportunities for the public to get involved: