Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Failed Home Invasion Caught On Video!

When Johnny Haefs of Norway, Michigan knocked on my door at 11:30pm on a Sunday night, I answered while filming with my camera. I didn't know who he was or what he wanted, but he asked for me by name. Maybe he was a neighbor needing help or something happened to someone I know.

It became quite obvious he wasn't there on friendly terms, I quickly realized that I had stepped into danger. You'll see I was holding the screen door when I walked out and he tried pulling it open when I say no.. It was about then I realized that he wanted to fight not talk and I needed to get back inside my house.

As I stepped back into my house I pulled the screen door too, thinking if he tried coming at me I might have an extra second to close the door. Then as I went to close the screen door, he pulled it out of my hands and charged at me as I slammed the door shut in his face. I felt resistance as I pushed it shut, to me this felt like it could be a possible home invasion. Or was he trying to assault me because he sure wasn't there to shake my hand.

I called 911 and told them a man attempted to come in my front door and I was afraid for my life and my family with kids inside. It took about 10-15 minutes before Michigan State Troopers got here, which confused me because I was expecting the Dickinson County Sheriff Dept since they were much closer than the post. By the time Troopers arrived, he was long gone but I had enough time to post my video on facebook and had his name too. We found out later, he was on break from where he worked.

Johnny Haefs told the Michigan State Police that he "just wanted to talk" about some "accusations" he was recently informed about. As if coming to my house at almost midnight was really about just wanting to talk. The video shows exactly what he had in mind..

What really happened is a family member lied to him and said I was filming her children while I was visiting a friend of mine. That friend just happens to be our local bail bonds woman who was having issues with a neighbor across the street (not the neighbor who made this story up), the lady across the way was shouting obscenities and I was recording it hoping to capture what she was doing. There was no children anywhere on the street or even in yards, I wasn't there to film kids nor would I without permission first. Johnny Haefs (above) made a bad decision coming to my home.

A few hours after he came to my house, the trooper called and told me he felt Johnny wouldn't bother me anymore that night. He also said that there would be a small delay getting his report to the prosecutor, he was going downstate for training the next morning. That trooper didn't turn my report in for over 3 weeks, the whole time the DA's office had no clue about my case. 

I tried getting an appointment with our local District Attorney that entire time and the weeks after, but she has refused to even speak with me. Here I thought the DA would want to speak to the victim, but it appeared she had made her mind up already. Every officer who has seen this video said the DA didn't watch it or doesn't care, she is an elected official none the less.. A few officers said what he did could have gotten him shot and if he did that at their house, they would have. I could have just backed up and let him come in my house... Then what?

Meanwhile online, Johnny Haefs's friends and even his current or past employer (no idea) kept posting around that I am a pedophile, I kept having people ask me questions about these accusations that were being made. Small time bullshit from people looking to create trouble and drama for no reason at all. The lie they made up was stupid had made no sense. You'd think that because this woman's husband is a Dickinson County Jailer, he would have advised her against provoking the issue by sending a family member to my home. 

With this video evidence, what can he possibly say that would excuse his actions? Scaring my family just because of rumors he was told? 

Maybe next time I should answer the door with a pistol in my hand instead of the camera I was holding.. For the record, the video posted above was removed from Youtube because Johnny Haefs reported me to youtube for violating HIS privacy! No kidding, as if I am violating his privacy.. Seriously? So I encourage anyone to copy the video of this idiot and repost it where ever you want, this is one guy that everyone should know.. Please SHARE This!

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