Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TubeBuddy - Drastically Increase Your Youtube Views w/ Stats!

Early this month I came across this website I had never heard before called TubeBuddy that has drastically increased my views on youtube! 

I've been on Youtube since 2007 and have always wondered about apps that might be able to help me manage my 1200+ youtube videos a little easier. TubeBuddy turned out to be the app I have been hoping to find. 

I downloaded the app on November 6th and immediately edited my top 100 viewed videos, almost immediately I noticed a difference.. 

(Below- My views for Nov 6, 2015)
 (Below - My views the next day Nov 7, 2015)

My views jumped over 25% the day after editing my videos using TubeBuddy! Visit MY Youtube channel here: JASON ASSELIN

I made ONE adjustment that first day, I wanted to see if it would make any difference. I changed my thumbnails on all my top videos with the TubeBuddy app, it took maybe 30 seconds on each video. Who knew one small change could make that much difference?

There are many other features of TubeBuddy that I have yet to discover, but most of the applications are quite easy to use.. They give you the ability to SEE TAGS on youtube videos, just that small detail can really give you n advantage you wouldn't have had without TubeBuddy. You can search tags too to find the very best ones to use! Another cool feature I found is adding tags to past videos, TubeBuddy can tell you the tags used to find those videos.. 

If your a creator on Youtube or any other website, you've got to give TubeBuddy a try!

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