Friday, December 11, 2015

Awesome Treasures & Gemstone Found in Old Mining House (Video)

Vulcan, Michigan - Homeowners Mark and Mindy (not their real names) decided it was time to remodel their bathroom in this 100+ yr old mining era home. What they found behind the wall was an incredible find!!

Upon removing the wooden slats that were behind the plaster walls, we started finding books under where the medicine cabinet was located. Years of leaking water had taken its toll on much of it.. But not all of it...

(ABOVE) Dates from the late 1800's and early 1900's? If only these were in perfect condition..

(BELOW) "World Progress" dated July 31, 1932 was inside an envelope that protected it...

 (BELOW) This book of music titled "Popular Anthems" from the early 1900's..

While these books were awesome to find, some of the local history found was incredible. This hand written letter is about the "History of Norway Township" but unfortunately only a few pages are left.. Still an incredible find!

A notebook keeping tabs on cattle, milk and other sales shows how much the cost of living was back in those early mining days.

 Speaking of the early mining days...
Check this out dated in 1921!

We also found a different assortment of items like this advertisement of some sort, maybe for an orange juice company?
 Check out this old photo also in the wall..
 An old rice bag, it appears to be from Japan..

The best part was found last.. When I put my hand on it, I knew immediately it was a rock. As I pulled my hand out, I couldn't believe it!
One side is flat as if it was mined right out of a smooth wall, the other side is what dreams are made of.. I can't believe this was in the wall!

 Possibly Smokey Quartz?

 Or is it Amethyst?
The big question is WHERE was it found?

What an incredible find! 

Keep this in mind the next time you remodel that old house that dates back to the early mining days in upper Michigan. You never know what you might find....



  1. I'm a rock dealer that lives in Norway, Mi. if you'd like, I can probably ID and appraise the stone for you.

    A voice from the past....

  3. That's so cool! My grandpa worked in that mine and unfortunately passed away from the conditions. He contracted "black lung" which was common back then. Thanks for sharing.