Tuesday, March 29, 2016

$15,000/Month for THC Pills at Tax Payers Expense?

It should be known that this Veteran was originally paying $30,000 per month for THC pills, I mean you were.

Trevor Sand of Wisconsin is prescribed Marinol by the VA hospital because it is the only LEGAL way he is able to consume cannabis to relieve his many ailments surrounding his accident that paralyzed him. He says if it were legal for him to grow his own medicine, he could save tax payers $15,000 per month. Visit Trevor's Last Stand

Skip to 25:22 on the video below to hear Trevor's story.. At 31:55 you'll hear about the $15,000 prescription costs to tax payers and how it used to be $30,000...

 This man was once sleeping 19 hours out of the day and then was in a zombie state while awake. He said this wasn't the quality of life he deserved or wanted, he thinks cannabis is the reason he isn't dead today. He said that had he continued down the path of pharmaceuticals, he would have been dead years ago.. Is this the fate we grant many other veterans in his position? Are we paying for pharmaceutical companies to just keep getting richer by taking THC out of a plant the US Gov declare is illegal?

I think the American public are waking up and seeing the many benefits cannabis has to offer.. The disabled people shown in this video proves that it helps them, why is it deemed illegal but not illegal in a pill form?

This was filmed during the Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Committee in Iron Mountain, Michigan on March 28, 2016 to talk about getting signatures for their petition to make cannabis 100% legal in Michigan without any regulations by the state. 

This is a movement that was organized and founded by Timothy Locke, he says even if they don't collect enough signatures for this upcoming election it will be on the next. 

You can learn more on facebook here: Abrogate Prohibition Michigan 2016

Friday, March 4, 2016


Penalties for underage drinkers in Michigan may be loosened for the first time offense.. The MI state Senate passed a bill Thursday making it a civil infraction instead of a misdemeanor. The second offense would be a misdemeanor.

Minors caught with alcohol a third time would have their driver’s license suspended, which is already the case. Now this bill goes to the Michigan House for their vote..