Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dickinson County (MI) Police Unions Request Rejected By Commissioners - Read Both Letters, You Decide..

To a citizen living in Dickinson County, Michigan it would appear as if the county commissioners don't like the local law enforcement unions. The commissioners told them if they needed to discuss anything, they should come to the County Board Meeting where "citizens" have 5 minutes to speak to commissioners.. 

 Read these two letters (below), one is from all county unions and the other is a reply by the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners denying their request for "Employee Relations".

  On April 25, 2016 the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners voted and refused to open any discussions with local law enforcement unions. WATCH HERE

- Commissioner Stevens stated the union wants dialogue and communication solves all problems. He stated "if we don’t talk things through, you don’t fix relations" and said he will not sign the letter because he thinks it will create more problems as he believes they need a line of communications with employees.

- Commissioner Degenaer Jr., stated we have a legal opinion and it says we will "open negotiations with conversation". He stated we cannot talk about issues with the unions and said they can create their own safety committee without Board communications. 

May 23, 2016 - On the video below, skip to 9:48 to listen to a upset local law enforcement union employee.

One local county union employee said, "The unions are NOT in ongoing labor disputes with the county!!!! We are in the middle of an existing contract that we are content with. We would be absolutely stupid to want to open a contract when the county is under this much financial trouble and that is why it is absurd that they would even think as such."

 It makes absolutely no sense to avoid contact with them, while citing they don't want to be "renegotiating contracts"... These COUNTY EMPLOYEES are only asking to talk to these commissioners to make our county a better place! 

See all the minutes from recent county commissioners meetings here!  

Watch more Dickinson County Board of Commissioner Meetings below!


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