Friday, May 27, 2016


I was recently asked to share some "facts" on drug and alcohol testing of Law Enforcement in Dickinson County (Michigan) located here: 

I was really surprised that local law enforcement aren't being randomly drug tested or screened. I needed to find out if this was really true and stopped at the Sheriff Dept to file a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) request. 

Upon looking at the documents provided on "CVC of Dickinson County" I saw that the info gained by their FOIA request wasn't done at the appropriate place. In order to obtain records from the Sheriff Dept, you must FOIA them directly from the Sheriff Dept and not the County Clerk as they did. It appears that County Courthouse workers in fact are NOT tested as stated, however that didn't include the Sheriff Department employees..

The fact is.. The Dickinson County Sheriff Dept does indeed does drug and alcohol testing. 

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All employees at the Sheriff Dept are drug tested before being hired and are advised that if they suspect use, they will be required to submit a sample of urine or blood for testing.

It also says even part time or temp employees too are screened before employment. They require employees to inform them if they are on ANY medications that might effect them at work including cold medicines. If a employee is suspected of having drugs, the Sheriff can randomly search their vehicles, lockers or personal belongings without a warrant. Plus he can force the employee to a drug test.

So the fact is they indeed do have a drug and alcohol policy in place at the Dickinson County (Michigan) Sheriff's Department..

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  1. What else has Brian Smeester lied about?