Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Is This Vandalism or Free Speech? Someone Wrote "Donald Trump" On Vulcan, MI Bear..

Who painted "DONALD TRUMP" on the big bear along US 2 in Vulcan, Michigan across from the Iron Mine? 

Depending on who did it, it could be vandalism or possibly free speech.. 

I'm sure that's the biggest campaign sign I've ever seen (besides a billboard) for Donald Trump.

If your wondering.. 
The owner did this to make a statement..


  1. Quite an improvement! #Trumpocalypse

  2. Quite an improvement! It was done with permission. Freedom of speech at it's finest.

  3. That bear is so ugly, it's like planting flowers in an old toilet and sticking it in your yard.

  4. Trump sucks ass.. Old man with fake hair.. America was never strong or great before.. And with him.. He is just another highly paid asshole who doesn't give a fuck about poor people.. If he cared about the poor.. He wouldn't be keeping Mexicans from their jobs.. Fuck the rednecks.. Fuck trump.. Fuck america.. I live here.. And I think its a really shitty country.. Fuck.. I'd rather walk on the hot 145 degree sand in Afghanistan.. Than to sit here.. This.. Place.. Sucks.. #gofuckyourselves #onlymoronsvote #yourvotedoesntmatter..

    1. So why do you give a shit about Trump? If your vote doesn't matter and you obviously don't vote, why bitch like some little baby looking for his mothers nipple?

  5. Fuck America.. This country sucks
    .. The only time this land was great.. Was before it was stolen away from natives.. #votingisformorons #thenewsisfake #youarebeingbrainwashed