Thursday, June 30, 2016

Did This Dickinson County (MI) Employee Get Special Treatment After Her Arrest?

How many people do you know who was arrested for retail theft at Shopko but had their charge(s) dropped by a local district attorney, all while NEVER stepping foot in a courtroom? 

It was in 2011 that then Assistant Dickinson County Controller Sonya Pugh was arrested during her lunch break after allegedly shop-lifting (retail theft) at Shopko in Kingsford, Michigan after theft detection employees allegedly caught her..

 The theft detection people at Shopko watched her on camera, then proceeded to follow her out to her car. They called Kingsford Public Safety who arrested her and placed her in custody. She also apparently took a shoplifting awareness class just days after her arrest, she apparently blamed her eye surgery from months before for this unfortunate mistake.. If you read all the documents provided in the blog, you'll see they caught her in the act.. Her arrest & charges were kept out of the papers and news reports, then a few days later the charges disappeared? 

How does THAT work?

Skip ahead 5 years to the current date...

On June 28, 2016 the Iron Mountain Daily News reported that "Pugh wrote in her resignation letter she is retiring due to health issues."

"Commissioner Barbara Kramer said she was upset about factors - which she did not identify - that led to Pugh's resignation. - I'm very sad. And I know what led to this, and that makes me mad," she said. "That's all I have to say at this point."


In May (2016), Friend of Court Manager Heidi Van Slooten confronted Dickinson County Controller Sonya Pugh after discovering differences in a financial report. It appeared as if money was either missing or misplaced.. 

You can watch that confrontation below.. 

Now that Sonya has resigned effective in July, people must wonder the real reason why she has chosen to do so, by Commissioner Kramer's own statements it sounds as if it is not a "health issue" like she is claiming. 

Citizens should be outraged that this Dickinson County Board never did their homework in 2014 when they hired someone to handle an almost 10 million dollar budget. A simple FOIA request would have shown exactly what I was given. 

In 2014, Commissioner Ann Martin said the board decided to promote Pugh instead of advertising the vacancy because Pugh is capable and a better choice than someone unfamiliar with the county's budget and functions.

I have to wonder if this police report had anything to do with her resignation as the Dickinson County Controller.. I would also like to know the reasons WHY these charges were dropped.. I have NEVER heard of anyone escaping a charge of retail theft from Shopko.. Ever!!!


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