Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dickinson County Prosecutor - Unable To Investigate Commissioner Kramer?

Gerald McCole alleges that Dickinson County (MI) Commissioner Barb Kramer illegally billed the county for work done while volunteering for DICSA. He says that she volunteered to be on that board vs being appointed (which would have a difference on if she was able to legally bill for services.)

Read this blog post from July 6, 2016: Dickinson County (MI) Commissioner Barb Kramer Asked To Resign, Criminal Acts Alleged!!

The following letter was sent to Dickinson Co Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards concerning these allegations made by Mr McCole.

Lisa Richards response suggests that Mr McCole file a police report with a local agency so they may investigate before forwarding any report to her office. She further stated, "I am not empowered to independently initiate or investigate allegations of criminal law violations by private citizens"..

Some may contend that Commissioner Kramer was NOT a private citizen, but is an elected official representing the "private citizens" in her district. 

Commissioner Kramer has yet to give any comment to these allegations of misconduct, yet the citizens of this county deserve to know the truth..


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