Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Does Dickinson County Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards Have Double Standards? (LETTERS PROVIDED)

The prosecutor in any county should have a duty to serve and protect ALL citizens in their county, treating them all fairly with the same respect. 

Below you will see 2 letters dated July 22, 2016. Both were sent to two different people (unrelated cases) by our Dickinson County Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards.. 


- In the first letter to Gerald McCole, she talks about her power as the prosecuting attorney and how she can't "independently initiate or investigate allegations of criminal law violations" by private citizens.. She says that Mr McCole should file complaint with law enforcement if he feels laws were broken. 

- In the second letter to Kingsford Councilman Anthony Erickson, it says "Warning Letter" on top and in the letter she says their office received a complaint from a citizen (former Kingsford Councilman Brian Smeester) alleging criminal violations by Mr Erickson. This letter says their office is keeping this complaint on file for possible future use if more complaints are received? 


The same prosecuting attorney sent 2 completely different letters that say the exact opposite of each other! 

Does Lisa Richards have DOUBLE STANDARDS as the Prosecuting Attorney in Dickinson County?




1. Lisa Richards sits on the Dickinson County Board with Commissioner Barb Kramer whom Gerald McCole accused of possible criminal acts as a private citizen.

2. Lisa Richards told Mr McCole she can NOT "independently initiate or investigate allegations of criminal law violations" made by private citizens.

3. Brian Smeester lost his seat on the Kingsford Council to Anthony Erickson whom he accuses of possible criminal acts in a letter (posted below).

4. Mr Erickson gets a "Warning Letter" from Lisa Richards after she independently investigated allegations of criminal law violations after a private citizen made a complaint.




Why did Lisa Richards send two different letters to two different people saying the complete opposite of each other on the very same day?

Read the letter Brian Smeester sent to Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards:

 This letter concerning the allegations made by Brian Smeester were posted to his website called "CVC of Dickinson County" located HERE.


I couldn't believe it when I saw it.. I think Lisa Richards is straight up lying, but I don't know to which person. How can she tell one person she can't, but then tells someone she can?



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