Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Prank Goes Wrong.. Never Do This!

When hiding in a leaf pile to scare your wife might go wrong...

Even when you think you have everything planned, you don't...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Did Local Commissioners Violate the Michigan Open Meetings Act?

AN ACT to require certain meetings of certain public bodies to be open to the public; to require notice and the keeping of minutes of meetings; to provide for enforcement; to provide for invalidation of governmental decisions under certain circumstances; to provide penalties; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts.

Kevin Pirlot stood before the Dickinson County Board of Commissioners and questioned their decision to discuss "other" county matters during their Airport Committee meeting. What was more alarming was the fact that their public posting said it would be held in the "Commissioners Board Room - Courthouse" when in fact it was held somewhere at the airport according to the minutes posted.

  Below is the PUBLIC NOTICE of the Oct 5 meeting:

Next is the actual minutes from that meeting, note the location where this meeting was held:

Again... This was the AIRPORT COMMITTEE meeting and should have been used for only that agenda. Except when you look at the "other business" and see this:

It sure would have been nice for these commissioners to inform the voters in Dickinson County of the plans DHC were discussing, instead of dropping it our laps at the last moment and only because of a news article posted online.


Did County Commissioner/ Chairman Henry Wender Alter Wording On Agenda.. COVER-UP?

For many months Gerald McCole has claimed that Dickinson County Commissioner Barbara Kramer has been collecting money from the county illegally. Now it appears more might be going on behind closed doors than we were led to believe..

Upon writing a letter to Prosecutor Lisa Richards on July 22nd, he was advised to go the local law enforcement agency and he did. Gerald says the Michigan State Police opened an investigation (Incident Number 85-1195-16) and during that time (see letter posted below) he alleges that Commissioner/ Chairman Henry Wender altered/ changed the wording on the agenda "to protect Kramer and others" by adding DISCA under F. Below you can see that change he talks about, is it just a coincidence this was changed during a police investigation?

There is no debating that someone changed the wording under F. in the county agenda. It also shows to be changed during this time of the investigation. Gerald says that on September 23rd Trooper Mundy told him he was handing everything over to Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards to appoint a Special Prosecutor in the case. Since that discussion with the trooper, Gerald says no word has come of what was discovered or done.

 Commissioner Kramer still says she did nothing wrong, but has refused to give any comment to me about it.. 

Read the letter below I received this morning.
October 24, 2016

Dave Lee, DC News OnLine

Jason Asselin—UP News & Video
Aaron Harper—WJNR Radio
Betsy Bloom—Managing Editor, Daily News

RE : Commissioner Barbara Kramer / County Commissioners

    The reply to the letter read at the Monday, October 10, 2016 Dickinson County Board of Commissioners meeting by Commissioner Kramer during Commissioners’ Personal Privilege.  This is my first chance to reply.  ( Copy of her letter attached and part of minutes ) WJNR Radio and the Daily News were quick to pick up on this and make public and I would request they do the same with my reply. 

    To set the record straight, all the charges against Kramer were made to Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards who advised they should go to the proper Law enforcement  agency which turned out to be the Michigan State Police.

    On Tuesday August 2, 2016, the criminal complaint was filed with Michigan State Police Trooper Jacob Mundy under Incident Number 85-1195-16.  This investigation continued until September 23, 2016 when Trooper Mundy advised he was done and was handing everything over to Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

    Commissioner Kramer is not being truthful.  She was not authorized by the county Board to attend any DICSA meetings.  Investigation shows that for decades a representative of the County Board did ( See Board Agendas ) DHS / Community Services Agencies—Commissioner Smith and then Commissioner Kramer.  Commissioner Smith did attend all DICSA meetings and report to the County Board and the Public.  Commissioner Kramer did not attend any DICSA  meetings and report back to the County Board or Public.  Records show she then went on the DICSA Governing Board through DICSA Governing Board Chairperson Pete Schlitt and was not appointed by Commissioner Henry Wender, Chair of the Board.

    In reply to the second paragraph of her letter, I am alleging that I am now, not only challenging the integrity of Commissioner Kramer but the integrity of the entire Board.  If people would get their heads out of the sand and investigate they would find that Dickinson County Commissioner and Chairperson Henry Wender did between September 12, 2016 and September 26, 2016, while the Michigan State Police investigation was going on, and to protect Kramer and others and maybe himself, against Democracy and acting as a Dictator by himself changed the agenda wording for Board meetings from “DHHS / Community Services Agencies—Commissioner Kramer to DHHS / DICSA—Commissioner Kramer”.

    Ms. Kramer, John, Henry and all involved have to know by now that I never put anything in writing or make allegations that I cannot back up with facts as I have proven in the past.

    The only solution to overcoming the past 30 years of Non-Democratic Dickinson County Government is to replace all five Commissioners and replace them with Commissioners that would write Rules and Guidelines that would guide them instead of what just occurred.

    Take the advice of Pope Francis, “Study the Issues, Pray, Vote your conscience “

Gerald McCole, Concerned Citizen

Channing, MI

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Iron Mt, Michigan Fire Dept Questions City In Facebook Post?

The following post was made to Facebook on October 12, 2016 via the Iron Mountain Fire Department Facebook page. It addresses the city of Iron Mountain's decision to remove the Civil Service section from the city's charter via voting this November.

"One local political activist has been very vocal in his opinions about the vote to remove the Civil Service section from Iron Mountain’s city charter. But he has some facts wrong.

There are TWO civil service commissions provided for in the charter. One is for police and fire (full time only) under Act 78 of 1935, and the other is for other full time employees in other departments. The ballot question is asking the citizens if they want to remove all of it. Doing so would allow the City Manager to hire anyone for any position, without having a separate no-cost board ensuring that the applicant chosen is qualified and selected fairly.

Act 78 is a good thing. It eliminated the good-old-boy hiring system that existed in the city prior to it’s enactment in Iron Mountain, at least in the police and fire departments. It was voted in by the people of Iron Mountain, and despite what some city officials are saying, it occurred after the unions were in place, not before.

Other cities in Michigan do manage to hire fairly without Act 78. City officials have put forth Marquette as an example of that. But if you look at the contract between the City of Marquette and its firefighters, you will see that the contract creates a board that is essentially the same thing as our Act 78 Civil Service Commission. There is no such language in the contract between the City of Iron Mountain and its firefighters. In fact, eliminating the Police and Fire Civil Service Commission will place the City in violation of that contract, because certain provisions of the contract, including the grievance procedure, refer certain matters to the Civil Service Commission or to Act 78.

I encourage everyone to read Michigan Public Act 78 of 1935. It’s easy to find online with a search. You will see that all it does is create a board, independent of the council and the employees, that enforces rules in order to make sure that employees are hired, fired, disciplined, and promoted fairly. It’s free. Members of the commission are not paid. Going the other way, where all details are contained in a collective bargaining agreement, would require legal fees and arbitration to be paid for by the taxpayers rather than being handled by the independent commission at no cost.

The city is saying that except for the firefighters, nobody has a problem with eliminating the civil service process. I can’t speak for the other departments’ employees, so they may be right. I do know that none of the council members approached the firefighters’ union to ask us. I am the local president, and only one council member discussed this issue with me, and that was after I confronted him about it when I saw him in public.

Act 78 says that the City could ask the voters to rescind civil service for just police or fire - it doesn’t have to be both. So why would they want to do it this way? Here’s where we get back to the good-old-boys system of hiring.

When the City replaced the police and fire chiefs with a director and two deputy directors, they skirted around the law awfully closely. They had to do things like create a totally new department within the city in order to do it. They worded the requirements for the Director position so that none of the firefighters would qualify to apply for the position, but the police would. And when the 2 candidates from the police department both failed the exam for the position - twice - they convinced the civil service commission to change the rules so that they could give extra test points for things like resumes, regardless of their accuracy. Your current Director of Police and Fire Services had exactly 15 hours of firefighting responses in his life, and that includes anything that he might have done at those incidents, even if it was just traffic control. But he’s the one the City wanted in that position, so he’s the one they put in, and now he’s what we have instead of a fire chief. In this case the civil service commission failed to keep the good-old-boy system from winning the day. But if you have a truly independent commission that follows the law to the letter, that cannot happen. The City is still struggling with filling positions with their pre-selected underqualified applicants under the constraints of the Civil Service Commission, and that’s why they want you to vote to remove it.

Don’t let them get away with it. If the system is removed we’ll go right back to the days when council members hired their friends and family to fill positions in the city, and employee turnover will be enormous as old council members are replaced by new. Don’t forget the many people who were hired in the city about 10 years ago that were selected by the City Manager with the council’s approval. You had a public works director dumping sewage on Millie Hill, and a convicted criminal doing property assessments. If those people had been required to be hired under Civil Service (they weren’t because they were “administrative”), they would never have been hired. The city spent hundreds of thousands of dollars that were wasted. Don’t let it happen again. Vote NO on November 8."

Doug Johnson
President, Iron Mountain Firefighters Assoc., IAFF Local 554


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Filming a "Ghost Ship" on Lake Superior With Kevin B. Klein

It was an epic fall color tour in the U.P. with Nashville recording artist Kevin B. Klein brought us to the Black Rocks of Presque Isle Park in Marquette, Michigan to watch the sunset. 

We were there filming a music video for his new song called "My Michigan" that reflected on many things we saw on this trip! 

Looking out onto the water we saw a strange object that appeared to reach the sky.. It looked almost like a giant mast of a ghost ship lost in time!

  Some have even said they think it looks like Jesus walking on water holding his staff.. While I think that is a little much, it still allows your mind to wonder as you search for answers of what you just saw.. What was it?

I posted a ton of FALL COLOR photos that I took on my journey across upper Michigan with Kevin B Klein Music

Come see the photos on facebook: Jason Asselin News & Video!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scamming the IRS Scam Artist - Full Exposure (VIDEO)

You need to WATCH & SHARE this IRS SCAM video to anyone you feel could be scammed..
Here is the number used (334) 539-9077) 

For over 20 minutes I screw with this guy pretending that I am willing to pay the $2,156 via my local Target store.. I imagine this is where he will want me to purchase gift cards that he can get instantly over the phone.

He wants me to keep him on the phone and drive to Target, I even played "car sounds" as we talked before I began SCREAMING into the phone, then hanging up.. I acted like I had an accident, I wonder if he jumped in his seat..

Wouldn't you know it, he called me back! So I messed with him some more and told him I was pulling into the police station.. 


Shortly after he swore at me, he said he was done wasting HIS time.. Then still said the police are coming to my house.. Bring Them! LOL


(Below is the last video I did in August)

Major Marijuana Bust in Florence County, WI! (VIDEO)

 Over 200 Marijuana Plants Seized in Florence County, Wisconsin!!!

 September 25, 2016
At 12:25pm, Florence County (WI) Deputies were investigating a burglary in Tipler Township when they discovered a major marijuana growing operation in progress at 11905 Camp 5 Road. 

With the assistance of the Wisconsin State Patrol, deputies removed 201 growing marijuana plants, (6) two gallon bags of processed marijuana, one quart of hash oil and many kind of edible marijuana including gummy type bears...

  As a result of this investigation, deputies arrested a 68 year old who was later released on a $5,000 cash bond.See the video below from the Florence Co Sheriff Department.