Monday, October 24, 2016

Did County Commissioner/ Chairman Henry Wender Alter Wording On Agenda.. COVER-UP?

For many months Gerald McCole has claimed that Dickinson County Commissioner Barbara Kramer has been collecting money from the county illegally. Now it appears more might be going on behind closed doors than we were led to believe..

Upon writing a letter to Prosecutor Lisa Richards on July 22nd, he was advised to go the local law enforcement agency and he did. Gerald says the Michigan State Police opened an investigation (Incident Number 85-1195-16) and during that time (see letter posted below) he alleges that Commissioner/ Chairman Henry Wender altered/ changed the wording on the agenda "to protect Kramer and others" by adding DISCA under F. Below you can see that change he talks about, is it just a coincidence this was changed during a police investigation?

There is no debating that someone changed the wording under F. in the county agenda. It also shows to be changed during this time of the investigation. Gerald says that on September 23rd Trooper Mundy told him he was handing everything over to Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards to appoint a Special Prosecutor in the case. Since that discussion with the trooper, Gerald says no word has come of what was discovered or done.

 Commissioner Kramer still says she did nothing wrong, but has refused to give any comment to me about it.. 

Read the letter below I received this morning.
October 24, 2016

Dave Lee, DC News OnLine

Jason Asselin—UP News & Video
Aaron Harper—WJNR Radio
Betsy Bloom—Managing Editor, Daily News

RE : Commissioner Barbara Kramer / County Commissioners

    The reply to the letter read at the Monday, October 10, 2016 Dickinson County Board of Commissioners meeting by Commissioner Kramer during Commissioners’ Personal Privilege.  This is my first chance to reply.  ( Copy of her letter attached and part of minutes ) WJNR Radio and the Daily News were quick to pick up on this and make public and I would request they do the same with my reply. 

    To set the record straight, all the charges against Kramer were made to Prosecuting Attorney Lisa Richards who advised they should go to the proper Law enforcement  agency which turned out to be the Michigan State Police.

    On Tuesday August 2, 2016, the criminal complaint was filed with Michigan State Police Trooper Jacob Mundy under Incident Number 85-1195-16.  This investigation continued until September 23, 2016 when Trooper Mundy advised he was done and was handing everything over to Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa Richards to appoint a Special Prosecutor.

    Commissioner Kramer is not being truthful.  She was not authorized by the county Board to attend any DICSA meetings.  Investigation shows that for decades a representative of the County Board did ( See Board Agendas ) DHS / Community Services Agencies—Commissioner Smith and then Commissioner Kramer.  Commissioner Smith did attend all DICSA meetings and report to the County Board and the Public.  Commissioner Kramer did not attend any DICSA  meetings and report back to the County Board or Public.  Records show she then went on the DICSA Governing Board through DICSA Governing Board Chairperson Pete Schlitt and was not appointed by Commissioner Henry Wender, Chair of the Board.

    In reply to the second paragraph of her letter, I am alleging that I am now, not only challenging the integrity of Commissioner Kramer but the integrity of the entire Board.  If people would get their heads out of the sand and investigate they would find that Dickinson County Commissioner and Chairperson Henry Wender did between September 12, 2016 and September 26, 2016, while the Michigan State Police investigation was going on, and to protect Kramer and others and maybe himself, against Democracy and acting as a Dictator by himself changed the agenda wording for Board meetings from “DHHS / Community Services Agencies—Commissioner Kramer to DHHS / DICSA—Commissioner Kramer”.

    Ms. Kramer, John, Henry and all involved have to know by now that I never put anything in writing or make allegations that I cannot back up with facts as I have proven in the past.

    The only solution to overcoming the past 30 years of Non-Democratic Dickinson County Government is to replace all five Commissioners and replace them with Commissioners that would write Rules and Guidelines that would guide them instead of what just occurred.

    Take the advice of Pope Francis, “Study the Issues, Pray, Vote your conscience “

Gerald McCole, Concerned Citizen

Channing, MI

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