Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scamming the IRS Scam Artist - Full Exposure (VIDEO)

You need to WATCH & SHARE this IRS SCAM video to anyone you feel could be scammed..
Here is the number used (334) 539-9077) 

For over 20 minutes I screw with this guy pretending that I am willing to pay the $2,156 via my local Target store.. I imagine this is where he will want me to purchase gift cards that he can get instantly over the phone.

He wants me to keep him on the phone and drive to Target, I even played "car sounds" as we talked before I began SCREAMING into the phone, then hanging up.. I acted like I had an accident, I wonder if he jumped in his seat..

Wouldn't you know it, he called me back! So I messed with him some more and told him I was pulling into the police station.. 


Shortly after he swore at me, he said he was done wasting HIS time.. Then still said the police are coming to my house.. Bring Them! LOL


(Below is the last video I did in August)

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