Monday, November 28, 2016

Michigan Election Recount Is A "High Probability" But Will Counties Be Forced To Pay All Costs?


During tonight's Dickinson County Board of Commissioners Meeting in Iron Mountain, Michigan our local County Clerk discussed the possible recount and the ramifications of such an action. Most of the cost of this recount will be paid for by the county!

 Dickinson County Clerk Dolly Cook says this recount effort will cost the county more than $5,000 but will have $2,600 reimbursed. That means the other half will be the responsibility of the county to cover.

This effort for a recount in Michigan will just cost more money that our citizens want to save. Its sad to hear we will be responsible for these costs at the benefit of politicians.


Monday, November 7, 2016

Commissioner Didn't Have Criminal Intent To Steal Public Funds?

Dickinson County Commissioner Barb Kramer was investigated by the Michigan State Police for allegedly committing "larceny or the misappropriation of public funds" after being reimbursed for meeting she attended voluntarily..

This letter is dated October 28, 2016. It was sent to me by Gerald McCole who was cc'd in this letter along with Barbara Kramer. It is written by Menominee County Prosecuting Attorney William G Merkel and addressed to MI State Police Trooper Mundy of the Iron Mountain Post.


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"Barbara Kramer did not have a specific criminal intent to steal public funds" said Special Prosecutor William G Merkel of Menominee County, Michigan. He also says in this letter that "Ms. Kramer may have been mistaken on her right to reimbursement from Dickinson County for serving in a voluntary position with the Dickinson Iron Community Agency, she did not engage in conduct warranting criminal charges."

She is still claiming these funds by documenting per diem and millage expenses for reimbursement, but apparently if you document the reimbursements your claiming its not "engaging in conduct warranting criminal charges"..

I really hope she changes her mind and stops claiming money that isn't hers! This letter makes it pretty clear that what she was doing, wasn't correct.. I feel that if she continues to collect these funds (if she gets re-elected), maybe prosecutors should take action.