Saturday, December 31, 2016

Flint, Michigan New Years Eve War Zone? Multipal Shots Fired, Bullet Lands On Foot!

Listen to the 1,000's of gunshots going off! Just moments ago this video was posted on Facebook live by James Harvey from the east side of FLINT, MICHIGAN at midnight..As James was on the sidewalk, a bullet dropped from the sky almost hitting him..

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Major Turnout & Support For Fired Police Chief Laura Frizzo at Iron River City Council Meeting #DeadNorth | Jason Asselin

Iron River, Michigan City Council
December 21, 2016

The room was packed with many in support of the fired Police Chief Laura Frizzo. Many had something to say!

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, then immediately went into "public comment"where the mayor advised everyone they would have 3 minutes each to say what they wanted about this situation. Many people spoke out about this issue, including Amanda List who is a former Michigan State Trooper and currently serves on the Iron Mountain City Council.. Even she couldn't understand how this city manager could do the things he is accused of.. Including gaining entry into an evidence room or looking at Chief Frizzo's computer files. She suggested someone should contact the Michigan Attorney General to investigate this.

 Another woman I spoke to said she over heard David Thayer tell patrons in a bar she was working at that "he lived close and was the police chief" when asked if he was ok to drive home.. She told those people that he was NOT the police chief and that he was lying.. It seems as if this city manager has lost all sense of what his job is.. Another person said he was answering police calls on his own, yet the man is allegedly said to not even be able to own a gun?

At times the mayor seemed to take offense to what people were saying, sometimes interrupting them well before their 3 minutes were up. One woman refused to back down and continued to speak to the crowd, you could hear the mayor ask what they should do. The city attorney could be heard saying that the police could remove her..

The best thing for you to do is watch for yourself...


Saturday, December 17, 2016

Support Frizzo - The 1st Female Police Chief in Upper Michigan #DeadNorth


Many people don't know that Laura Frizzo was the first woman in upper Michigan to become a Police Chief. She earned that position after 18 years of hard work and had many struggles like many any other parents raising kids in this small rural town. 

 She is the first to admit that she was once suspended for an impaired driving in 2005. She over came that mistake in her life and it never stopped her from taking her career even farther than most thought possible at the time...

In December of 2013 the Iron River City Council voted to make Police Officer Laura Frizzo their Police Chief on January 1st, 2014 after she had served the 18 years on the Iron River Police Department. 

Laura began her career in law enforcement beginning on the Grand Rapids Police Department and then graduated from Kalamazoo Police Academy. She moved back after being offered jobs by Iron River and the Marquette County Sheriff Department. She took the job in Iron River where she served until the current City Manager took the action he did by firing her..

See the history of David Thayer, Iron River's current City Manager who took it upon himself to fire and ruin Laura's clean service record.

 The petition with over 700 signatures on is calling for the FIRING of City Manager David Thayer and the reinstatement of Police Chief Frizzo. This entire effort is possible, but only if the citizens in Iron River get involved! This will take anyone that gives a shit about the city they live in.. Chief Frizzo can't do it alone, she needs all of your support!

I have seen all sorts of post detailing the actions of David Thayer while "acting" as police chief. Technically he has no police powers what so ever.. If you've seen him do something questionable or possibly illegal, you should report such activity to the current city council. 

The city council meeting scheduled for  December 21 at 6pm will surely be filled with angry residents who may not have known about the criminal history of the current city manager. Many others are expected to pledge their support for Chief Frizzo and ask the council to fire David Thayer. This current city council COULD actually take that very action, but many in the community feel they don't have the balls to actually do it.. 


Thursday, December 15, 2016


Iron River, Michigan - I guess the easiest way to explain this is to start from the beginning of the troubles.

On September 20, 2016 Chief Frizzo requested personal days off of work, following her preparation and preliminary exam testimony in the Kelly Cochran murder trial. (This is possibly the biggest and most crucial murder case the city has ever seen) The city manager, David Thayer responded that she was to be at work unless she provided him with a doctor's excuse. In recent days we've learned he has issues with people taking days off for medical reasons in his past places of employment. 

Either way, Chief Frizzo honored that request by going to her doctor and providing the requested excuse he wanted.

On September 23, she advised the city manager that she was able to return to work on September 28. He denied her from returning and set up a meeting with her for on October 4, he also required a doctor's report before she would be allowed back to work. 

At that October meeting, Thayer did NOT allow Chief Frizzo to return to work, even though she provided the requested doctor's report, which allowed her to resume her full duties as police chief. At this time, the city manager further advised Frizzo that he wanted a second doctor's opinion and was going to schedule her for a doctor's examination. The doctor chosen was from Wisconsin and he did have a right to request it.

What happens next have many people wondering what intentions this city manager had in mind when it was learned he entered a secure evidence room by himself during Chief Frizzo's absence. It was during a city council meeting on Nov 9, 2016 when it came out that the David Thayer allegedly had entered a secured evidence room that only Police Chief Frizzo (at the time) had access to inside the police station. That one action could possibly hinder any case where evidence was stored there for "safe keeping" including the murder case. 

It was also during this meeting that it was learned that Chief Laura Frizzo did in fact get that 2nd doctors opinion to which the City Manager apparently refused. Even though both doctors approved her to return to duties, David Thayer still refused her return. 

This action by the current Iron River City Manager could get a murder trial tossed out for lack of proper secure procedures with the chain of evidence. I believe City Manager David Thayer should immediately fired and Police Chief Frizzo to be reinstated to her duties, allowing her also to prepare for this murder trial. So far near 700 signatures have been gathered on a petition with titled, "Fire Iron River, MI City Manager David Thayer & Reinstate Police Chief Laura Frizzo Now" - Have you signed?

 After all of this finally came out, many are just learning about the criminal history of their current city manager.

The following story was posted recently by TV6 from upper Michigan detailing much of what was posted above. Also see the next report further down of WJMN Local 3 from upper Michigan.

SEE ON TV6 - "After being placed on administrative leave more than two months ago, Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo has been officially relieved of her duties. According to Frizzo, she was released by city manager David Thayer, who cited "irreconcilable differences" as his reasoning to fire her."

LEARN DETAILS ABOUT CITY MANAGER DAVID THAYER'S CRIMINAL PAST - "Prior to his move to the U.P., David Thayer was fired as City Manager in Grayling, Michigan after he was arrested and charged with 24 counts of social security act violations according to multiple reports." 

This Video/Article from WJMN Local 3 is a great source for info - "According to a letter from current Grayling City Manager Doug Baum - Thayer did this in an attempt to discredit a political opponent. In the same letter, Baum alleges Thayer threatened an employee for using too much personal time to care for his wife - who was sick with cancer."

From the Iron Mountain Daily News (Dec 14) - Laura's lawyer "claims Thayer has a history of animosity toward women and police, telling Frizzo “women don’t belong in men’s jobs.” A police chief in Grayling, Mich., resigned after confrontations with Thayer while he was employed as city manager there, Polich added."