Thursday, December 22, 2016

Major Turnout & Support For Fired Police Chief Laura Frizzo at Iron River City Council Meeting Dec 21 | Jason Asselin

Iron River, Michigan City Council
December 21, 2016

The room was packed with many in support of the fired Police Chief Laura Frizzo. Many had something to say!

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance, then immediately went into "public comment"where the mayor advised everyone they would have 3 minutes each to say what they wanted about this situation. Many people spoke out about this issue, including Amanda List who is a former Michigan State Trooper and currently serves on the Iron Mountain City Council.. Even she couldn't understand how this city manager could do the things he is accused of.. Including gaining entry into an evidence room or looking at Chief Frizzo's computer files. She suggested someone should contact the Michigan Attorney General to investigate this.

 Another woman I spoke to said she over heard David Thayer tell patrons in a bar she was working at that "he lived close and was the police chief" when asked if he was ok to drive home.. She told those people that he was NOT the police chief and that he was lying.. It seems as if this city manager has lost all sense of what his job is.. Another person said he was answering police calls on his own, yet the man is allegedly said to not even be able to own a gun?

At times the mayor seemed to take offense to what people were saying, sometimes interrupting them well before their 3 minutes were up. One woman refused to back down and continued to speak to the crowd, you could hear the mayor ask what they should do. The city attorney could be heard saying that the police could remove her..

The best thing for you to do is watch for yourself...


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