Saturday, December 17, 2016

Support Frizzo - The 1st Female Police Chief in Upper Michigan


Many people don't know that Laura Frizzo was the first woman in upper Michigan to become a Police Chief. She earned that position after 18 years of hard work and had many struggles like many any other parents raising kids in this small rural town. 

 She is the first to admit that she was once suspended for an impaired driving in 2005. She over came that mistake in her life and it never stopped her from taking her career even farther than most thought possible at the time...

In December of 2013 the Iron River City Council voted to make Police Officer Laura Frizzo their Police Chief on January 1st, 2014 after she had served the 18 years on the Iron River Police Department. 

Laura began her career in law enforcement beginning on the Grand Rapids Police Department and then graduated from Kalamazoo Police Academy. She moved back after being offered jobs by Iron River and the Marquette County Sheriff Department. She took the job in Iron River where she served until the current City Manager took the action he did by firing her..

See the history of David Thayer, Iron River's current City Manager who took it upon himself to fire and ruin Laura's clean service record.

 The petition with over 700 signatures on is calling for the FIRING of City Manager David Thayer and the reinstatement of Police Chief Frizzo. This entire effort is possible, but only if the citizens in Iron River get involved! This will take anyone that gives a shit about the city they live in.. Chief Frizzo can't do it alone, she needs all of your support!

I have seen all sorts of post detailing the actions of David Thayer while "acting" as police chief. Technically he has no police powers what so ever.. If you've seen him do something questionable or possibly illegal, you should report such activity to the current city council. 

The city council meeting scheduled for  December 21 at 6pm will surely be filled with angry residents who may not have known about the criminal history of the current city manager. Many others are expected to pledge their support for Chief Frizzo and ask the council to fire David Thayer. This current city council COULD actually take that very action, but many in the community feel they don't have the balls to actually do it.. 


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