Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Iron River City Council Embraces City Manager Who Fired Police Chief #DeadNorth

Nothing can describe the actions taken today by the Iron River, Michigan City Council when they said "We feel that City Manager David Thayer has served the city in an exceptional capacity this past year and are confident he is the right person to continue leading us".. 

On Wed, January 25, 2017 this special meeting was held to which the annual evaluation would be presented to the people.. This is where citizens would normally have 3 minutes each to say their remarks concerning an issue. In many city meetings this time is allowed because our US Constitution allows free speech, at least it does most of the time... In Iron River, Michigan they have a different idea of how to do things..

You can see in many videos that I have filmed of this council during the last few months and almost every time Mayor Tarsi doesn't agree with something your saying, he interrupts you and says you can't continue or insists your comments aren't the truth. He denies your freedom of speech in all reality. If a person decides to lie or speak what you don't agree with, this is their right.

As if he was the deciding factor on whether your comments were the truth or not, this little time they offer is supposed to be a time for anyone to say what they feel in a reasonable manner. No one deserves to be cut off by a mayor who needs to be working for the people instead of against them!

 After public comments, the council voted to go into a closed session after the mayor cited laws allowing them to do so. He pointed to the press (I felt it was directed towards me) and asked if we understood. A reporter from ABC 10 asked him if he could repeat it and the city attorney did just that. Minutes later the entire room was cleared of the public and press. Most of us who could waited outside the room until they were done talking behind closed doors, just about one hour...

The following PRESS RELEASE was read by Mayor Tarsi when we returned to the room which explained a lot of what most already expected would happen.. This council gave City Manager David Thayer a rating of 82.6 out of 100 points.

The council says they stand behind David Thayer's firing Laura Frizzo and cited in this official press release, "He asked us to be patient as he worked through a process to determine whether Ms Frizzo could be rehabilitated and continue in her capacity." - SHE TOOK HER OWN SICK TIME OFF!!

She took her own sick-time off and this city manager REFUSED to let her come back, even when she provided him with 2 doctor notes including one from the doctor he selected. As far as anyone was concerned, her coming back to work was stopped by the city manager and supported by this city council. He took this action illegally (I feel) against Laura Frizzo when he realized the doctor slips cleared her for work. Not once did this accusation come to light until now...

I would be extremely surprised if Laura Frizzo doesn't file a lawsuit against this city.. Even the citizens told this council that David Thayer has cost many cities a lot of money...
Here we go again!


What most citizens didn't see is what David Thayer said afterwards to local media.. Most media can only allow a limited time "10-25 seconds" of video but that is what makes me different. I filmed most of what David had to say which included his obvious hate for me and this blog. Many times he seemed to direct his comments towards me as if I were the reason he was having all of his troubles.

Please WATCH & SHARE this video!

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