Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Did Iron River, Michigan City Manager David Thayer LIE To The Press/Media?

On December 22, 2016 local media TV6 & FOX UP posted an article titled, "Supporters rally around former police chief at city council meeting".

In one part of the story, people were accusing Iron River City Manager David Thayer (pictured below) of calling former Police Chief Laura Frizzo a "BITCH" while on the job..

"Absolutely did not happen," Thayer said. "Laura's dismissal has to do with a disagreement we have on management style and professionalism. I demand that all of my staff people treat all of our citizens with respect; I expect that they're able to control their temper; I expect that their assessment of situations is not a prejudgment but something based on the facts. That did not take place in this case."

 Now I'm guessing that David perhaps didn't look around himself to see who else might have heard him say that because someone else did.. An employee of the police department filed an affidavit of what he heard.. Now if that wasn't enough, below you will an affidavit from the editor of the local Iron County Reporter who also heard a "story" from David..

I'm a little unsure how a standing city manager can straight up lie to the press about his actions can ever be taken seriously from this point forward.. I mean why would anyone believe a word he says after allegedly lying to many of the press there that day.

More? Can there possibly be more?? This is the icing on the cake if you will.. Below is a letter from Veteran Police Officer Patricia Dawson who retired from the City of Lexington, Michigan because of David Thayer. I'll let you read the letter yourself...

 After reading Patricia's letter, do you see the same thing happening now with Laura? Isn't this the very same thing he was doing to her?

As for David Thayer's denial as to calling then Police Chief Laura Frizzo a "bitch".. I tend to believe the words of a police officer and that of a local news editor before I believe what David Thayer has to say any day..

What do you believe after seeing this new evidence?  Do you believe the current city council are afraid of this man? What is going on in Iron River?

These photo's were taken of a press release from Attorney Roy Polich, hired by Laura Frizzo to help her. 




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