Thursday, May 25, 2017

U.P. Veterans War Memorial Purple Heart Monument Found Cracked!

(Iron Mountain, Michigan) Earlier today on May 25, 2017 the Iron Mountain Daily News paper published online that the Purple Heart Monument from the U.P. Veterans War Memorial next to the Pine Mountain Ski Jump was missing... It appears that someone stole it!!

Sadly I have good news and bad news..

On the way back from filming my YETI VIDEO I remember seeing something purple next to a tree! At 11pm when I saw that story, I had to go back up there to find it.. 

When I got there, I found that someone else had already seen it sitting in the woods and was talking with the Dickinson County Sheriff Dept.. 

I explained to her who I was and she said they wanted her to bring it to the station. Good thing I was there, that thing weighed over 75lbs it felt like!



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