Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What Caused the FIRE at the Iron Mountain, MI Mobil Gas Station & Burger King?

The $1,000,000 question..
What do you know?

On May 20th around 3:20pm the first calls were going out about a fire at the Iron Mountain, Michigan Mobile Gas Station and attached Burger King. Immediately upon arrival, the IMFD knew they had a big fire and called for mutual support of the Breitung Township Fire Department. It is unclear as to why Kingsford didn't send a fire truck over to help, maybe they were busy or weren't asked..

I think it was posted some where that the first call came from "across the street"? I know Burger King was open, although some officials during the fire were unsure if they were even open at all. I'm not sure at what point did the employees even know the building was on fire..

I'm not saying anyone in the BK knew it was on fire, but on the other hand... How did no one know about it for so long? It is possible the exhaust fans were getting the smoke out of the building, that is the only reasonable explanation I can think of if that fire was burning for a long time before the call.

 You can see on video (posted below) that the right side collapses first. How hot was that fire behind it?

You can see on the video below, the right side appears to give way and the rest comes down with it...

Below is the video I captured from the front of the store.. It shows the rescue of that firefighter after it collapses onto him.

Below is 18+ minutes of video that includes the above incident along with slow motion as the wall fell.. I'm sure most questions will be "how long was this fire burning"..?

A former employee tells me there was "issues" with the building that they tried to report but went unanswered..

I'm sure the local fire department will get to the bottom of what caused this huge fire that destroyed 2 businesses.


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