Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cougar Spotted Near Iron Mountain, Michigan?

On her morning walk near the Millie Hill Estates in Iron Mountain, Michigan she saw this..

This morning I got quite a few messages asking me if I heard about the COUGAR being spotted and seen on Millie Hill early Monday morning. Apparently this person took the picture (above) I posted.. 

I called "anonymous" this morning and asked if she was the person posting about the cougar on Millie Hill.. She said yes she was but she said that photo was just one she got from google because it shows exactly what she saw.. I believe her, read her story below as told to me by phone..

 She told me she walks often alone and has never seen anything like it before. She said she say a SNAKE just a minute before, so her eyes were glued to the ground looking for more and never saw the cougar until she got really close.. She said she froze with fear, not knowing exactly what she should do or not do.. She said the cat turned and trotted away, sort of a fast paced walk.. 

She described how its ears weren't tall, but more short and stubby. The body was slender and colored like a deer, with a long tail that followed behind just like a cat.. She told me that she quickly walked away and when she got her phone she googled "cougar" and that picture came up, she said that is exactly what she saw.


Just last year or maybe earlier this year (I can't remember) someone in Iron Mountain on E Street reported a cougar walking around the neighborhood in the middle of the afternoon, they never found it but I thought that was strange.

Quite a few years ago I remember someone reporting one downtown near the Moose Jackson Cafe, someone saw it run from the dumpster area and said within seconds it was to the train tracks and gone.

I myself have seen 2 cougars, once near Crystal Falls, Michigan that I even reported to the DNR and was laughed right out of their office.. A few years later (maybe 7 years ago) I saw one cross the road near the US-2/M-95 junction as it was chasing a deer..

Cougars are definitely around here and as people continue to get out walking and exploring new areas, more will likely be seen. Many believe these cougars are really no threat, unless you have a dog our walking with you not on a leash or maybe one running loose around your yard nears a wooded area.. For the most part, cougar attacks on people are very uncommon.


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